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Pumpkin Carving 2010

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With today being Halloween and I thought it might be a good time to get around and carver the pumpkin.  Like the past two years I just download a template.  It is so much easier.  Didn’t put a hole lot of time into.  But  I think it turned out ok.

Top Gear’s Wild Ride

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Was looking up info on Top Gear, hoping to see when a new series was going to start.  I found out the show was featured on CBS’s 60 Minutes.  It is called Top Gear’s Wild Ride.  If you are a Top Gear fan the story doesn’t bring any new info.  How ever the do show the host driving around the track in with Stig.  From the look of the film it looks like it was shot in the summer.  Not sure how long the video below will be up for copyright reasons.  How ever you can see the video > here as well.

Jackass 3D Review

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Jackass3D Well saw Jackass 3D last night.  Not sold on the hole 3D thing yet.  It is cool but not worth the price in my opinion.  Don’t think this movie need 3D.  The open of the movie in 3D was cool thou.

As for the movie itself was a bit boring.  There are some funny moments.  It seems like they were trying to hard with the gross out stunts.   Going to say it I think this movie was made just for a cash grab.   Was a bit disappointed may be the DVD will make up for with all kinds of extras.

I say save your money and wait for the DVD its is sure to have more stuff.  This movie didn’t need 3D.  Was a bit let down.

3 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Red Review

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Red I had just seen Red (the new movie) and it was awesome.  I knew I would like it just from see the trailers. It is way better than I thought it was going to  be.  It has every thing a good action/comedy needs and it does every prefect.  Every one of the characters are funny and bad ass at the same time.  Have to say there is some kind of hot seeing Helen Mirren firing off heavy weapons.  The action is over the top(which I love) but not to over the top that it makes it unbelievable.  There is only one thing I didn’t like, which happens in every action movie.  There wounds way to fast.  Well it is a movie after all.

I enjoyed every minute of this movie.  Will be buying the DVD or Blu-ray when it comes out.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Demo

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NFSHotPursuit Gave the demo a try for Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit.  This brings back what NFS was like back then they first started coming out with these games.  Well of course it is updated.  This one was made buy Criterion Games.  The same people that made of of my favourite  games, Burnout Paradise.

Going to come out and say it.  The demo is a bit of a let down.  Will get the good things out of the way first.  The game looks awesome.  The cars look awesome.  I like how they give some background on the car you pick.  Plus the lady that reads it to you is nice.  Now for the “bad”.  They give you to races to pick from.  Which is pretty standard for a demo.  Here is the kicker you can only play one of them.  The other is unlocked when some one on your friends list plays the game.  Well that’s great if you have someone on your list that as played it.   The other let down is what I call “racing game wall riding”.   If you have every played a racing game you know what that is.    It is when you try to make a turn and end up riding the wall or edge of the track.  When you try to stop it you end up crashing into the other wall on the other side.  Ping pong back and forth until you crash and the end of in last place.   I am sure with practise I will get better.  But with only one race to pick and two cars I can’t see myself getting much practise in.

The game will be out November 16, 2010.


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csdtbw Decided to make a video for the song Handgun/Shotgun by the band Carleton Stone Drives The Big Wheel.  Really like the song so that is why I made it plus I had not put a video together in awhile.  Really enjoy editing videos.  If you are wondering that the movie I used.  It is called The Kansan.  It is a public domain movie so I shouldn’t get in trouble for using it.  Not sure if I will get in trouble for using the song.  Time will tell.

Canada’s Worst Driver 6

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Season six of Canada’s Worst Diver starts tonight (Oct 25, 2010).  This is one of my all time favourite shows.  Not only is it funny and fun to watch it amazes me how the people got and keep there driver license.  From the trailer they have been airing it looks like they got a bunch of new challenges.  Can’t wait for it to start.