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Halloween 2015

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pumpkin.jpgI am not big into Halloween.  Sure the candy is good and even better when it goes on sale the the next day.  Most Halloweens try to watch a scary movie.  However most of them are crap.  So a few years ago decided to watch the same movie every year.  That movie is Shaun of the Dead.  It’s hard to believe this movie is a 11 years old now.  Still remember the first time seeing it.  It was and still a blast to watch.  So that is what I will be doing eating Rockets and watching this.

Happy Halloween.

Grand Theft Auto Online: Halloween Surprise

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GTA_Online_Halloween_SurpiseA little over a week ago Grand Theft Auto Online had the Lowriders update out.  Now there is another update out called Halloween Surprise.  Which you can read about > here.  It started October 29, 2015 and runs to November 16, 2015.  They have add some cool stuff to get.  There will be all kinds of new scary masks and face paint.  There are two new cars as well.  One called Lurcher Hearse.  Which is a sweet looking hearse.  Was saving money to buy a lowrider but think I will get the hearse instead. The other car is a 50’s style hot rod called Franken Stange.  They will only be available for this limited time.  However once you buy it, it stays in your inventory.  The other big thing is a new adversary mode called Slasher.  One person is the slasher, who has a shotgun.   The other players have to survive with a flashlight, which is new, for three minutes.  If you do you get a shotgun to fight back.   This all sounds pretty awesome.

[Update]  Gave the slasher mode a try.  Have to say it was interesting.  The map I played looked like the FIB building from the main game.  It played out like I thought it would with me losing all but one round.  You still get money if you don’t win.  Over all it is fun.

Alice Deejay – Better Off Alone

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Alice_Deejay_Better_Off_AloneSticking with another 90’s song this week for musical throwback Thursday.  The song is Better Off Alone by Alice Deejay.  The group now goes by the Name Alice DJ.  That is because they are a new group.  The lady that sings in this song is no longer with them.  Remember this song being a big hit back in the late 90’s.  There are about a million remixed versions out there and has been covered or sampled in lots.  The song is off there only studio album called, Who Needs Guitars Anyway?.  Give it a listen > here or below.

Back In Time Review

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Back_In_TimeBack on October 21, 2015 the internet was a buzz because it was Back To The Future Day.  This was because in the second movie the date they go to in the future is Oct 21, 2015.  So there was movie stuff all over the internet.  All so on that day a new documentary called Back in Time was out on Netflix.  Wasn’t sure if it was on the Canadian Netflix.   Did a search and sure enough it’s on there.  So gave it a watch.

Going to say have only seen these movies once back in the day when the came out on VHS.  However know all about them because of the internet.  This documentary is interesting but boring at the same time.  They do interview the people who made as well as some of the cast.  All so do lots on the fans of the movies.  Am sure all the big fans of the three movies will love to see this.  I however found it not that great.  On the plus side want to go and watch the movies again.

3 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Canada’s Worst Driver 11

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Canadas_Worst_Driver_11One of the funniest shows is back for season 11, Canada’s Worst Diver.   This is one of those show I look forward to each fall just to see how bad some people are at driving.  The show is all ways good.  That is because the host is funny as hell.  It started again last night (October 26, 2015).  Missed the first airing.  One good thing about this show being on Discovery it will air a few times during the week.   Managed to see the last half of the first episode.  Would think after seeing ten seasons before.  It still surprises me at just how bad they can be.  Looking forward to seeing the full season.

Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series Episode 1

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Telltale_GameOfThrones.jpgHave wanted to try Telltale’s game, Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series, ever since I first heard about.  As you many know am a huge fan of the Game of Thrones world.  Like that the game uses elements of the show and actors.  Today (as I typed this October 21, 2015) the first episode of six episode is now free for everyone to download.  Say everyone because it is on lots of platforms.   Pretty much all the game consoles as well as Android and iOS.  In November the final episode will be out.  On that day as well the full series will be on disc to buy.  Plan to play this first episode.  If I like it will buy the disc when its out November 17, 2015.

Treehouse of Horror XXVI

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Treehouse_Of_Horror_XXVINot a big fan of Halloween.  However there are two things good about it.  The first is the next day half price candy.  The second is The Simpsons Threehouse of Horror.  The Treehouse of Horror episodes are an institution.  The Simpsons are in their 27th season and this marks the 26th Horror episode.  Years ago they used to air a whole bunch of these episodes in a row leading up to the new one.  Sadly the channels I have don’t do that any more.  There are some many good ones.  They parody so many things over the years.  The parodies become better than what they parody.  Over > here is a list of stuff they did.  My all time favourite is is when the did The Peanuts Halloween spoof called, It’s The Grand Pumpkin, Milhouse.  Which air during the 20th season.  Tune in tonight (October 25, 2015) to watch the new one.