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Happy New Year

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Well happy New Year’s eve.  Well another year is all most done.  2010 over all was a great year.  Had lots of great laughs and fun.  Here is hoping  to an awesome 2011.

Moby – Hymn

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Hymn-Moby Seen > this video awhile back about a stuntman, Bob Brown.  I said to myself I have to look up the name of the song in the video.  Just remember today to do that.  It turns out to be a Moby song called Hymn.  Well it is a remix version.  Found it under different names on YouTube.  There is one that has no video just a picture.  But it is same used in the stuntman video.  They are calling it Moby – Hymn (piano original).  It is a great song for sure.

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Simon’s Cat

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SimonsCat I have to say Simon’s Cat has some of the best ever videos made about a cat.  Gave on father the first book, Simon’s Cat In His Very Own Book, for Christmas.  Have not heard him laugh that hard in along time.  They are simple looking black and white drawings.  Let full of detail.  He has a new video for Christmas.  I know its is past Christmas now but the video can be enjoyed any time.  This new one is called Santa Claws.  Very funny.

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Schosche switchBACK

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Scosche Need to pick up a screen protector and case for my iPod Touch 4th gen.  Didn’t want it get be beat up too much.  Have a small scratch on the back.  Picked up switchBACK by Schosche.  It comes it a screen protector, a back case which you and put one of two of the backs on it.  For some reason the back covers are not going on.  Not sure why but it seems like they are to small.  Not a big deal.  Just want to put the blue back on it.

Top Gear Middle East Special

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Just finished watching then newest Top Gear Special. It was called the Middle East special.  Some are now calling it The Three Wise Men Christmas Special.  Either way it was awesome.  They pulled off an other great road trip episode.  Don’t want to give any thing way. Just a heads up you will have some good laughs.  There is one real scary moment.  That is all I will say.

So happy this show is back for a sixth series.  Have a new episodes to look forward in January, well near the end of January.

Merry Boxing Day

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Merry Boxing day every one.  Hope every one had the best Christmas they could have.  Mine was awesome.  The weather was great.  We had any outstanding dinner.  Used real butter in the mashed potatoes, that made them so good.  Went back for 3rd’s.  Have lots of left over’s so turkey sandwich here I come.

Merry Christmas 2010

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I want to wish every one a Merry Christmas.  I hope every one has the best one they can.  Oh, and eat till you can’t eat any more.  That is all ways the best part.



A Charlie Brown Christmas

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CharlieBrown Ended up watching A Charlie Brown Christmas again for about the millionth time.  This is one of the few old cartoons that holds.  Being 45 years it is still a great watch.  What all so makes it so special is the music.  When you every your hear it you know its Charlie Brown.  The one below is the one I think most people will remember called Linus and Lucy.

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Top Gear Is Back

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A new episode of Top Gear aired last night (Dec 21, 2010).  It was another American road tip special but they had some new in the studio stuff as well.  It was awesome as ever.  Even with out the Stig.   They did some what talk about the whole thing with him leaving and writing a book.  It was funny how they laid into the situation.  They all so show clips from the up coming shows.  Have to say this series looks pretty sweet.  Can’t wait for more.   Boxing day they have another special taking placing in the middle east.

The A-Team Review

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TheATEam Being looking forward to checking out The A-Team.  At first was a bit concerned that it might be bad.  Well I was proven wrong this movie is great.  It wasn’t dumb at all.  A course lots of stuff was over the top.  But not so over the top it was sill seamed some what possible, well most of it.

Enjoyed the movie a lot.  It is a fun movie to watch.  This might be an action movie but the acting is not the standard action movie fair.  It was great.  Every one played the part better than the original in my opinion.  Give this one a rent for sure. You will not be disappointed.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)