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Halloween 2013

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pumpkin.jpgI am not big into Halloween.  More into the half price candy that will be on sale tomorrow.  However there are some things that are cool.  I remember an old video I posted back in 2008.   The video is called The Life and Death of a Pumpkin.  While this video is old in internet years (came out in 2006) it is holds up very well.  A lot has changed to YouTube since 2006.  This video runs at 240p and is not widescreen.  Think I am spoiled at all the new videos.  If you have never seen this check it out > here or below.  It is a very funny with a creepy take on the life and death of a pumpkin.

X-Men: Days Of Future Past Trailer

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X-MenDaysOfFuturePastThere is a trailer out for X-Men: Days of Future Past.  The Marvel movies have been a strong roll these past few years.  This one looks to keep that streak going.  This movie looks so awesome.  The idea of having the new and old cast in the same movie is pretty cool.  It is set to come out May 24, 2014.  This is one movie I will have to see in theaters.  You can check out the trailer > here or below.   You will not be disappointed.

The Walking Dead News

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WalkingDeadSeason4.jpgThere is some awesome news about The Walking Dead.  The show have been renewed for another season.  So next October we will see season five.  Knew this would happen because this is an awesome show and all so a while back they said they are working on companion series.  We are only three episodes into season four.  They were so awesome.  According to the AMC article > here the show has its biggest numbers yet.  They say each season they are getting more and more viewers.  I am very happy that there will be more Walking Dead.   Can’t wait to see what happens with season four.

GTA V iFruit App On Android

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iFruit.jpgYes again, I am talking about Grand Theft Auto V.   This time because the iFruit app is now out for Android.  Not going to talk about what it does since I did that all ready.  You can read that post > here.  This is good news for Android users because of one cool thing in the app.   First thing you need to do if you haven’t all ready  is sign up for the RockStar Games Social Club.  Then tie your PSN ID or Xbox Gamer tag to it.  Then launch the app.  Sign in using you Social Club id.  One of the things you can do is customize the main car each character.  Here is the best part.  Not sure if sill works or not but worth a try.  If you go to Franklin’s car you can customize the hell out it and it will be all free.  I have the app on my iPod Touch and did this when it first came out.  So I think it would still work for Android users.

Grand Theft Auto V DLC

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GTAVBoxArt.jpgHave some news to share about Grand Theft Auto V.  There is some DLC coming in November.  It is being called The Beach Bum Pack.  This will have new beach themed vehicles and weapons.  Which can be used online or in the story mode.  Not sure what these vehicles look like or what the weapons are. The pack will all so add new jobs and as well new items for your online character.  How ever this is the best part it will be free.

There is other news as well.  A few weeks back talked about the $500,000 in game money for GTA Online which is being called the GTA$ Stimulus Package.  Well that has been delayed again.   Now they are saying the first $250, 000 should be out next week.  But they will not give it out until they know the game is stable.  Am looking forward to this.  Want to buy a nice apartment and nice car hole (garage).

Necessary Evil: Super-Villains of DC Comics

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NecessaryEvilSuper-VillainsOfDCComics.jpgYesterday went to looking for a copy of the documentary Necessary Evil: Super-Villains of DC Comics.  But didn’t find a copy.   So ordered a copy off of  They have are really good price on the Blu-ray (As of Oct 26, 2013) at $16.99.   Really want to see this documentary.  While I was looking at ordering this remember the graphic novel that shares the same name Necessary Evil: Super-Villains of DC Comics.  This book is a collection of stories that are about the bad guys.  This should be a very good read.  Should have both these items before some time next Friday.

Simon’s Cat In Scary Legs

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SimonsCat.pngThere is a new Simon’s Cat video just in time for Halloween.  Why?  Because it is called Simon’s Cat – Scary Legs (A Halloween Special).  Which you can check out > here or below.  These videos are all ways very funny.  This one has Cat and Simon interacting with a spider.  As all ways the cat animation is spot on.  If you ever seen a cat chase/eat a bug in real life this video is true to life.

Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD

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AssassinsCreedLiberationHDLooks like we are getting more Assassin’s Creed goodness.   Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag will be out at the end of the month.  But there is more yesterday they announced Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD.   The Liberation came first come out of the Playstation Vita last year.  It was set in the same world as AC 3.   It looked very good.  Never got to play it.  Now it looks like I will be able to give it a try.   As you can tell by the title it will be a high definition version of the game with 15 new missions.  You will be able to download it January 14, 2014 for $20 on the Playstation  3.  It will all so be out for the 360 on PC some time in January as well.  Check out the trailer > here or below.

ReBoot Is Getting A Re-Boot

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ReBootOne of the coolest animated shows is getting a re-boot.  All most twenty years since ReBoot first started to air the people at Rainmaker Entertainment are bring the show back.  This was one of the best shows ever to be on YTV.  It was all computer generated.  The characters lived in a computer world.  Where they had to win in coming games to save the city of Mainframe and all so stop the viruses like   Megabyte.  Think they will have to update some of the lingo in the new show.  But if the show holds true to to the first series this should be an awesome show.  No word with the show will air.  When I find out I will be back to tell all.

Grand Theft Auto V Mythbusters

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GTAVBoxArt.jpgWhat happens when you mix Grand Theft Auto V with a Mythbusters like show on YouTube.  You get some pretty awesome videos.   The people over at  Defend The House channel came up with this cool idea.  To date (Oct 22, 2013) they have made five of them.  Watched the first two they ever very entertaining.  Posted the first one below.  You can check them all out by clicking the links.  One  Two Three Four and Five.