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Allen Gregory

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AllenGregory Well Allen Gregory started last night (Oct 30, 2011).  This is the newest cartoon sitcom on Fox.  Have seen a few previews but didn’t know much about the show.  Liked the animation style.  It is very unique.   Didn’t really like the show.  It seemed to be trying to hard to be edgy and smart with the word play.  Can’t to hard of the show since only one aired so far.  It might get better.  If you seen it what did you think of it?

Pulp Fiction

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PulpFiction Way back in 1995 I seen Pulp Fiction on VHS.  Well today decided to watch it again.  Once I started watching remember some of it.  While this is a great movie and holds up well.  Just didn’t find it as cool this time around.  Understand more of the story then I did back then.  To me it felt to long.  Lost interest part way though.  Went back after a break to finish watching.

Might be shot for this but but found this while its cool with some great moments just found it boring.

Young Justice

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YoungJustice Seen the first two episodes that make up the pilot of  Young Justice.  The show focus the “sidekicks” of the Justice League members.  Wasn’t to sure if this was going to be a silly show like Teen Titans.  Thankful it is not more like the Justice League shows and Batman.  Which is nice to see.  Looking forward to seeing the rest of the season.  Just finding out about the show now.  It started airing back in January.

Life In A Day Review

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LifeInADay Had a nice surprise today (Oct 28, 2011).  While checking my Facebook updates see one saying Life in a Day will be streaming free for one day on their YouTube channel.   Have been wanting to see this documentary.  Was thinking I would have to wait till November 8 to see it.  That is when the DVD is out.

If you are not sure what I am talking about.  The the film is about:  On July 24, 2010.  People all over the world filmed their day answering questions more or else.  Then up loaded them to YouTube.  They then turned 4,500 hours or 80,000 submissions into this movie.

Did like it.  A very interesting watch.  Glad I seen it.  Not to sure if it will be for every one.  Because there is no main “plot”.  Plus there is some very real violence and what not in here.  That being said this movie is more than that.  It is more a happy film.  Seeing different peoples lives all over the world mixed together is very interesting.  The sound track was excellent.  Going to have to check more into it.

4 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

The Walking Dead: Season Three

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Yes, your are reading the title right.  It has been announced just two episodes into season two of The Walking Dead  that the show a renewed for a third season.  This is great news.  Not only will there be 13 episodes of season two we can know that there will be a season three.  Know one of your favourite is coming back for another season is a great thing.  Have seen the first to show of this seasons and there are awesome.  Can’t wait to see more.

GTA V Announced

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GTALogo Happy news Grand Theft Auto V has been announced.  Well it was announced yesterday, October 25, 2011.  Would have blog about this yesterday but had a post all ready in the works.  Some even better news there will be a trailer out November 2, 2011.  So in about a week we will get to see what the new GTA will look like and be set.  I am sure there is all kinds of speculation running all over the internet all ready.  I know what I will be talking about all for the next year or so.  The rumour going around the game might be out in the 2012 “window”.


Captain America: The First Avenger Review

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CaptainAmericaDVD What I know about the character of Captain America is from the Ultimate Avengers DVD and the comic book that the movie was based on.  So I knew a very little about the back story of the character.  That is what is great about Captain America: The First Avenger it is a origin story.  Some times origin stories can be a hit or miss.  This one does a good job.  The plot took an arc I didn’t think it would go.  Didn’t bog itself down in cliché stuff.  Well mostly it is a comic book movie after all.   While I did enjoy the movie it didn’t hold my interest all the way though.

This is a good movie.  It is a good build up to next years Avengers movie.  Can’t see myself watching this more than once.  So I can’t give it a full 5.  But is it is well worth watching.

4 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)