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The Walking Dead: The Complete Third Season Blu-ray Review

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TheWalkingDeadTheCompleteThirdSeasonCover.jpgFinished watching all the episodes plus the commentaries and the extras on Blu-ray for season three of  The Walking Dead.  Have all ready review this season when it ended so I am review the boxset.  Being on Blu-ray each episodes is sharp and clear.  There are five audio commentaries all but one of them were pretty good.  Was  a bit disappoint there wants one for each episode.  Then there are the deleted scenes.  They were interesting and well done.  But you can see why they were cut.  Then there are the featurettes.  Again I was a bit disappointed.  They are pretty much the same was they were on the show’s website.  Was hoping to see or heard more about behind he scenes stuff.

I you are a fan of this show, like myself this is a must buy.  The extras are a bit disappointing.  Would have been nice if they put each episode of The Talking Dead in there with the extras.  Even with out the extras it is still an awesome box set.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

The Walking Dead: The Complete Third Season Blu-ray/DVD

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TheWalkingDeadTheCompleteThirdSeasonCover.jpgJust a reminder that the Blu-ray and DVD box set of the complete third season of The Walking Dead will be out August 27, 2013 .  I am sure by now you know I am a huge fan of this show.  So I will be buying the Blu-ray set just like the first two seasons.  My plan is to have myself a Walking Dead marathon.  Not sure if I want to start from season one or not.  Do have some vacation time coming up so just might set down and spend the whole day watching Walking Dead.  After that is all done will just a waiting game for season four to start.  Which will be October 13, 2013.

Comic-Con Trailer: The Walking Dead Season 4

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TheWalkingDeadSeason3.jpgNow that Comic-Con has started we will get all kinds of new info about the TV shows, movies and the like we love.  But the best news so far is there is a trailer for season four of The Walking Dead.  Have watched it three times all ready.  Has to be one of the best trailer out of any thing I have ever seen.  They pack some much pure awesome into 4 minutes and 26 seconds.  Say this every season but I thing this one will be the best yet.  After you check out the trailer > here or below you can tell they have more money to work with.  They seems to be going out more into the they world looking for supplies.  All so looks like there is going to be some big time trouble with the new people they took in at the end of last season.  Season four is set to start October 13, 2013.  Just like season three there will be sixteen episodes.  So looking forward to the new season.

The Walking Dead: The Complete Third Season

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TheWalkingDeadTheCompleteThirdSeasonCoverHave some good news to share.  The complete third season of The Walking Dead will be out on DVD and Blu-ray August 27, 2013.  There is all so a limited edition Blu-ray coming out as well.  It is a zombie head tank package.  You can see that > here.   It is pretty cool.  Think this is for the die hard fans.  I am a huge fan but don’t think it is worth the price.  They are saying the Blu-ray and DVD box set will be five discs.  They are all so saying there will be tons of bonus features.  With behind the scenes, never seen featurettes, deleted scenes, commentaries and other “surprises”.  Like the first two seasons I will be picking up a copy of the Blu-ray.  Really enjoyed this season so it will be great to see them all over again and get ready for season four.  What will start up in October.  This is one of the best shows ever made.

The Walking Dead Season Three Review

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TheWalkingDeadSeason3.jpgThe season finale for season three of The Walking Dead aired last night (March 31, 2013).  This was the best season of the show yet.  What makes this show great is you never know what is going to happen.  Any one can die at any point.  You never how the story is going to unfold.  Having sixteen episodes to work with this season made things even better.  Not just because you get more walking dead, but gives more time for the characters to grow and change.  Think the best thing about this season is how the walkers are a problem but something every one is getting used to and deal with a run in with a calm manner.  The real threat is other people.  The last half of the season shows this off every well.

This was the best season yet.  If you have not seen them all yet.  Need to check out the re-runs or “find” them some were you will not be disappointed.  I can’t wait to pick up a copy of the Blu-ray when it comes out.  Then watch all over again.  I guess that will be out in the summer some time.

5 out of 5 (GT = Good Times)

Big TV Night

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TheWalkingDeadSeason3.jpgNot only this coming Sunday (March 31, 2013) Easter but it is a very big night for some awesome TV.  First off it the the season finale of The Walking Dead.   So can’t wait to see what happens.  Know there will be a big show down between the two groups.  I just know some one (or two) will die.  Know it will be the best episode of the season.  Then it will end with a big cliff hanger.

Next there is the season three premiere of Game of Thrones.  This is another show I can’t wait to see.  These two shows (and Top Gear)  are tired for my favourite shows.  When season two ended it has the White Walkers heading towards the Wall.  If you seen the trailers you know there is going to be some big battles.  Think this will be the best season of Game of Thrones.  Have heard that they have more money to work with this season.  All so each episode will be longer.  It only many be by a few minutes.  But you can tell all lot of story in a minute.

The Walking Dead Season Three

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TheWalkingDeadSeason3.jpgThere is only one episode left in season of The Walking Dead.  The last half of these season has been leading up to this big “war” that will take place in this last episode.  Well that’s what I think will happen.  Can’t wait to see it.  The last episodes airs March 31, 2013.   It will be awesome but the one down side is we will have to wait until October to see more.  Pretty sure they will leave off with a big cliff hanger.  The show is coming back for a fourth season containing 16 episodes.  That is why I think there will be a cliff hanger.  My guess we will be left guessing on who is left standing.  Pretty sure at lest one main character will wind up dead.  Going to wait to give my full review after I seen the last episode.  But pretty sure you can guess what I will score it.  This is one of the best shows out now and that has ever been made.  Tell every one I know to watch it.

Fink – Warm Shadow

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FinkWarmShadowBack again with another great song that was featured on The Walking Dead.  This song, Warm Shadow by Fink.  It was used in episode 13 of season three.  This song is off the album Perfect Darkness.  Really like this song.  It fits the mood of the show every well.   My guess this will be on The Walking Dead soundtrack CD.   That will be out March 19, 2013.  If you haven’t heard it or want to hear it again check the video out below.

Jamie N Commons – Lead Me Home

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JamieNCommonsTwo Sundays ago (March 3, 2013)on the episode of The Walking Dead, episode 12 of season three.   There was a very cool song they used near the end of the show.  Then at the end of Talking Dead this past Sunday (March 10, 2013) they had a live performance of the same song.  The song is called Lead Me Home by Jamie N Commons.   They have been using a lot of awesome songs in this show.  I guess that is why they are coming out with a soundtrack CD.  Which is out March 19, 2013.  If you haven’t heard it our want to hear it again check the video out below.  Will it is not an official or any thing.

An Evening With The Walking Dead

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TheWalkingDeadSeason3.jpgStumbled across something very cool with the cast and some crew of the The Walking Dead.  I was unaware this, An Evening with The Walking Dead, took place.  It  took place February 5, 2013.  It is a sit down live chat with some of the cast and executives host by Chris Hardwick.  The best part about this is it was a live webcast but you can watch the re-play > here.  Found a copy of it on YouTube as well > here or below.  The YouTube version is a bit off.  Think the frame rate is low or something.  But still watchable.   As for the interview stuff it is very fun.  They all seemed to have a good time.  There was some good laughs.  If you are a fan of The Walking Dead it is well worth checking out.