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Batman: The Adventures Continue Season One

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Finished reading Batman: The Adventures Continue Season One a few nights back.  Enjoy this a lot.  It brings back the look and characters we all know for the 90’s TV show.  While update it as well.  There is a much more detail in this book compared to the comic books that came out when the original show.  The main thing I like about this traded is the used characters that haven’t been used in this Bat-world before.  Another cool thing is how the individual stories are linked though a side story.  Very much recommend giving this a read.  For myself can’t wait to get a copy of Season Two when that is out in June (2022).

Bandai Figure-Rise Standard Amplified Batman

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Bandai_Figure-Rise_Standard_Amplified_BatmanSaw something very cool the other day that I would like to buy.   It is called Bandai Figure-Rise Standard Amplified Batman.  As you many know I am a big Batman fan. While I don’t know much about Gundam, have put a few kits together.  Like putting them together.  So when I seen this model had to look into getting one.  That is when I ran into some problems.  Most websites say it is out of stock or coming soon.  Then other place, like eBay, what too much money.  From my research it will cost about $70.00 to $80.00 plus tax and shipping.  That is a lot of money.   It might be worth it if was bigger than the other models I have.  They are about a standard action figure size.  Going to keep my eye on this.

Batman: The Adventures Continue Season Two

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Batman_The_Adventures_Continue_Season_TwoAs a Christmas gift to myself picked up a copy of the trade paper back Batman: The Adventures Continue Season One.  The story picks up right after the 90’s classic Batman Adventures TV show ended. From what I have read so far am liking it a lot.  It has the look of the show but with much or detail.  All so like the fact it is printed on old school comic book paper.  While I do like the new shiny stuff.  This older paper is special.  The reason for this post found out that Season Two trade paper back will be out on June 14, 2022, according to  Will be getting a copy for sure.

Batman: The Adventures Continue Season One

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Batman_The_Adventures_Continue_Season_OneIt has been a very long time since I have ordered myself a new trade paperback.  While ordering things for Christmas off  Decided to get myself something.  As you may now am a big Batman fan.  Seen that there is a new comic out this picks up right after the 90’s classic Batman Adventures TV show ended.  Do own some trades from that were made when that show was out.  So hearing there is new stories, I had to get a copy.  It is called Batman: The Adventures Continue Season One.  Am hoping it will be here before Christmas but I might have waited to long to order.

McFarlane Toys Batman Classic TV Series – Batman 66

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McFarlane_Toys_Batman_Classic_TV_Series_Batma_66Every now again I walk down the toy aisles at Walmart just to see what is there.  May be there will be something that stands out I just have to buy.  Has been over a year since that has happened.  Until last week.  Then I seen an action figure of the 1966 Batman.  It is from McFarlane Toys.  There was three on the shelf.  So I had to take a closer look.  Inspected all three and ended up buying the best looking one.  On the two others there were some minor paint specks.  They only wanted $20.00 so it seems to be worth the price.

Batman The Animated Series Batmobile

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Batman_The_Animated_Series_BatmobileEvery now and again take a walk down the toy aisle.  This time I seen some small Batmobiles each with a figure.  There were four, The Justice League movie, 1989 Batman, 1966 and the Animated series.  At first I seen the 89 one and was going to buy it.  Took a look at the back of the box and seen that there were three others.  While the 89 one is very cool.   I just had to buy the Animated Series Batmobile.  The car looks great with lots of detail for this size.  According to the website it is 1:32 scale.  You can see it > here.   However the figure it comes with is not so great looking.  Thinking I might to back and buy the 66 and 89 ones.

Gotham Knights – Official Court Of Owls Story Trailer

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It was back in August (2020) they first showed off a trailer and gameplay for Gotham Knights.  Well this past weekend (October 16, 2021) at DC FanDome.  They put out a new trailer  In which the show off who will be the main bad guys,  The Court of Owls.  While they didn’t show any gameplay this time.  The new world looks like it will be fun to explore.  At the end they say it will be out some time in 2022.  I can’t wait to see some real gameplay.  As for the trailer you can see that > here or below.

Batmobile 1989 3D Printing Model

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Batmobile_1989_3D_Printing_ModelFound this really cool 3D printable mode of the 1989 Batmobile over at  It is like the car model kits you can buy but you print it and then put it together.  You can see it > here.  There is a lot of cool thins on this site.  They all pretty much cost money.  That is because the models are more high end than on other sites.  Am very temped to get it.  However it cost $35.00.  Just not sure if I am ready in my 3D print skills just yet for it.

Batman Day 2021

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All most forgot today is Batman Day (September 18, 2021).  For a many years how they have been doing this to celebrate The Dark Knight.  If you have ever stopped by this blog you will know I am a huge Batman and DC fan.  There are lots of deals going on in online stores.  For me I am going to celebrate by watching Zack Snyder’s Justice League on Blu-ray.  Have been looking forward to seeing this version of the movie for many months now.

More Painting A 3D Model

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Once again talking about painting 3D prints that I made with the Elegoo Neptune 2.  This time it is for a Batman model.  There is a really cool looking one over on Thingiverse, this one > here.  Very simple looking but with lot of detail in the cape.  Wanted to print this one besides looking cool.  It would be easy to paint.  Once I had it primed in grey.  Did two coats of black and a bit of white for the eyes.  After that spayed on some clear coat.  Think it turned out good.  But sadly Batman lost a battle with gravity and broke an ear.