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Batman And Gotham Bookends

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Batman_And_Gotham_BookendsThere are so many cool things over at and more added every day.  Have yet found another project I want to do.  It is Batman and Gotham Bookends. Which you can see > here.  It seems like as simple and easy print.  As well simple thing to paint as well.  Now that the weather is warm.  I will be able to head out side to start prime some of the prints I did over the winter.

Before The Batman: An Original Movie Novel

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Before_The_Batman_An_Original_Movie_NovelDecided to order myself another Batman related book.  It is called Before The Batman: An Original Movie Novel.  Really enjoyed, The Batman.  So thought it would be nice to read.  After clicking the add to cart button, seen that it was written for young readers in mind.  Which I find odd since the movie is not.  Oh well, will give it a read any way when gets here in the mail.

Riddler Lamp

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Riddler_LampFound another awesome thing I want to 3D print, a Riddler lamp.  It is a box with a question mark sticking out of the top.  In which you can put LED lights.  You can see it > here over at  Think it’s pretty cool.  While I don’t think I would put lights in it.  Still look cool sitting on the shelf.

Batman: The Doom That Came to Gotham

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Just a reminder that DC Universe Animated Original movie is, Batman: The Doom That Came to Gotham is out today, March 28, 2023 on disc.  Say this every time, but I really do enjoy collecting theses.  They have been putting out about three a year since 2007.  Own them all on DVD at first then on Blu-ray.  While some of the stories are better than others.  There is all ways something really good about each one.

Batman With Cape Support Free – Printed

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A few posts backed talking about his > here over at  It’s a Batman model that doesn’t need supports to print.  Well I have printed it.  Came home from work and was off then next day.  So got it going in the afternoon and let it print over night.  The next day when I got up it was still going.  Took a bit under 18 hours.  Am happy with how it turned out.  While it does say support free I did add a brim.  So just need to do some light sanding.  Don’t think I will paint this.  Looks pretty cool in black PLA.

Batman With Cape Support Free

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Batman_With_Cape_Support_FreeKeep finding awesome things I want to 3D print.  This time it’s another Batman.  This > here over at  What makes this one standout it is support free but all so has lots of detail.  Going to download it and see what scale I will print it at.  Would like to have it pretty big.  However if it takes too long, over a day, will change that.

Court of Owls Mask

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A few posts backed talked out printing a Court of Owls Mask found > here over at   Well I got around to doing that.  Scaled it down to 40%.  Didn’t want a full size mask.  All so it would have taken way too long to print, well over a day.  Before printing it.  Played around with the best way to support.  In the end tilted to 35 degrees and added three supports.  Am happy with how it turned out.  May be at some point will make a full size version.

The Adventures Of Batman Blu-ray

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The_Adventures_Of_Batman_Blu-rayWas taking a look though the new release section of movies and seen The Adventures of Batman on Blu-ray.  Had know idea this old show was coming out.  Have never seen it, only a few small clips.  This show was out in 1968 and made by Filmation.  They made a lot of shows.  Think their most famous would be He-Man.  So I pretty much know what the art style/animation will be for this.  Not sure when I will get around to check this out.  It’s just nice to have another item for my Batman collection.

Court Of Owls Mask

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Court_Of_Owls_MaskAm read in of the DC Comics Novels, Batman: The Court of Owls.   Am liking it a lot.  Got thinking about if there are an 3D files out there.  Found this > here over at  It is a Court of Owls Mask.  There are three version.  Not sure which one I like the most.  Think what I am going to do is downsize one of them and see what is the best way to print it.   Like do I lay it flat and and lot of supports.  Or do I keep it upright with a few supports.

Batman: The Court of Owls Novel

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Have read a handful of chapters of Batman: The Court of Owls and really liking it.  It was wrong thinking it was a re-telling of the Court of Owls comic.  This is a bran new story.  The events in the comic all ready happened and this takes place years later.  Like this book so much all ready thinking about buying the other two DC Comics Novels put out by Titan books.  Batman: The Killing Joke and Harley Quinn: Mad Love.  Looked over on and they are no longer on sale.  But will keep my eye on them.