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Video Copilot

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VideoCopilot Yesterday I made a post > here.   Talking about making a time-lapse video.  Which is turning out pretty good.  It is just going to take some time since 330 pictures is about 10 seconds long.   Well back to the the title, Video Copilot.  This website all about Adobe After Effects.  They have a bunch of very nice tutorials for all level users.   They all so sell videos/presets/elements and that you can use in your projects.  This is a very professional stuff.

While I have watched a few of their tutorials.  Got thinking I should make a into video that I could use in all future video projects.  You know like when you watch a movie. Example the Fox or WB logos at the start of a movie.  So that is what I did.  Very happy with they way it turned out.  You will get to see what when the time-lapse video is done.

Oh, all decided that I should make everything for the video.  So I am working a song for it as well.  Most of time I use or find a song I like.  All so happy with the way that is turning out as well.