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The Walking Dead Season 10 Second Half

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The second half of season ten for the The Walking Dead is all most here.  The first half took me awhile to get into.  But as the last few episodes were really good.  Very much looking forward to seeing how it plays out.  Just know they are going to up the action and surprises.  A few days back they put out a small teaser trailer.  Which you can see > here or below.  Think as well get closer to the air date, February 23, 2020, they will put out another trailer.

The Walking Dead Season 10

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Season ten of The Walking Dead is all most here.  Have been a fan since day one and still looking forward to seeing what happens next.  Now that the comics have ended they can go any were with the show.  They have been doing that a bit here than there.  Not a fan of what they have been doing with telling us which actors are leaving the show.  It would be much better if it was a surprise.  It would get people talking about the show again in a good way.  Just like when everyone was wondering if Glen died a few seasons back.  Do hope this season is really good.  Don’t want it to end but if its starts to fail, can see it all be over.

The Walking Dead Volume 32: Rest In Peace

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The_Walking_Dead_Volume_32_Rest_In_PeaceThe last trade paperback for The Walking Dead comic book series is out now.  It is The Walking Dead Volume 32: Rest in Peace.  Am sad to see the story end.  But at least there is and end.  Sometimes things are left with out one.  Haven’t read it yet.  Have a copy on it’s way. had it listed to be out on August 13, 2019.  On that day it log in to see it was sold out. But could get it from other sealers.  Sometimes the price is lower but then you see what they want for shipping.  So I choose to wait until they had more in stock.  The next day or so they had some.  Then sent me and email saying it will ship soon.  Might get it by next week.  Looking forward to reading it to see how they wrap it up.

The Walking Dead Season 10 Comic-Con Trailer

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It has been tradition for many years now to show the up coming season of The Walking Dead trailer at the San Diego Comic-Con.  They did it again this year and season ten looks amazing.  Do find it hard to believe the show has been on this long.  I do hope it keeps going for many more years.  But you never know when it will end.  Just like the comic book it is based off, ended out of the blue.  While we wait for the new season to start you can see the trailer > here or below.  Season ten starts October 6, 2019.

The Walking Dead Comic Book Has Ended

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The_Walking_Dead_Issue_193Have some sad news to share, The Walking Dead comic book series has ended.  Last week when they put out their newest issue, 193, they said it will be the last one.  A few weeks ago they announced the forth compendium is on it’s way.  Which is set to be out October 8, 2019.  Made a post about it saying it will be good for people who are new the the comic book series to get all the compendiums.  So they could have all the story.  Well until the next issues is out.  Since there wouldn’t be any more.  It will be easy for fans to to all four compendiums.  I do own the first three and every trade paperback after that.  The next trade called, The Walking Dead Volume 32, will be that last.  It is set to be out August 13, 2019 on  Think I Pre-order a copy because I know it will sell out fast.

The Walking Dead Compendium 4

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The_Walking_Dead_Compendium_4News to share about The Walking Dead comic books.  The forth compendium is in the works.  I have the first three compendiums.  Then have all the trade paperbacks the came after.  These means I don’t need to buy this.  However it is great news for people that might be new to the comics.  The could buy these four compendiums and pretty much be update on the stories. Well until the new comic/trade is out.  It is set to be out October 8, 2019.  If you thinks about it is pretty impressive to see one story going on so long.  Not sure if it is the longest running in comic book history.  It might just be.

The Walking Dead: The Complete Ninth Season

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The_Walking_Dead_The_Complete_Ninth_SeasonIt is all most summer so, The Walking Dead season nine will be coming to DVD/Blu-ray soon.  The past few years that years season would come out in August.  This year is no different.  This time will be be August 20, 2019.  Have seen a lot of people complain about this show.  I on the hand still think it is great.  There are many reason why it is still the top rated shows each year.  The are all way switching things up.  The second half of the season was a very nice surprise.  Looking forward to re-watching this season.  All seeing what happens next in season ten.