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Call Of Juarez: Bound In Blood Game Play

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callofjuarez-thumb.jpgThere is a new short game play video for Call of Juarez: Bound in blood.  It is looking pretty cool. There is all so some new pictures as well.  I hope it plays a good as it looks.



Vodpod videos no longer available.

Battlefield Heroes Beta Hands On

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article-img-thumb.jpgA few days ago I got into the Battlefield Heroes beta.  Well I played a few rounds.  For a free game it has a lot to offer.  I love the look of the game.  The cartoon look might throw a few people off.  But it shouldn’t matter it plays pretty much like any other 3rd person shooter.  Like most online games you all ways run in to people that are really good at them and just roll you.  This can be frustrating.  I try not to get hung up on that because you can still get points even if you only manage to hit a few people with out getting the kill.  For a beta I have not run into many glitches.  I think I am going to keep playing this game and see how it turns out.

RC River Run

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axi90002-thumb.jpgHere we are with another RC video.  This time it was filmed by a “river” well a stream.  There were three RC’s, so that made it a bit more interesting to film.  There were a lot crashes and flip over’s.  I think the video turned out pretty good.  Tried some new things when I was editing.  (Filmed April 26, 2009)

Battlefield Heroes Beta

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article-img-thumb.jpgJust got into the Battlefield Heroes beta. is giving away 100,000 beta keys to it member.  If you are looking to get in got here before they are gone.  Have been looking forward to playing this game for well over a year.  Once I get a change to play, I’ll post an update.  w00t.

Red Faction Guerrilla Demo

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Xbox360owp_INTL3Party_temp.indd Tried the demo for Red Faction Guerrilla demo today.  Red Faction was the first game I bought when I got my PS2 many years ago.   So it is nice to see a new Red Faction game coming out.  This time around it is a 3rd person instead of a fps.  Of course you can break in the environment.  But this time every thing breaks.  The demo shows this off nicely.  They give you three weapons to start with a gun, sledgehammer and a remote bomb.  There is some thing cool about smashing stuff with the sledgehammer.  Things break about with lots of detail.  The demo is timed which sucks. They give you 10 minutes to finish the mission or you can do what I did go around and break stuff.  Once you die or run out of time you start from the beginning.  This game looks very promising.  Give the the demo a try for sure.

Top Gear

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top-gear_logo I have to say Top Gear has to be the best show on TV.  I used to watch clips on YouTube and found them funny.  Once we got BBC Canada I got a change to watch the full show, well not the full show.  Some of it is cut out for commercials because the real BBC doesn’t air commercials.  But any who.  The show is not only funny has hell, like pee you pants funny.  They do some pretty cool stuff.  A friend show me the their Vietnam Special.  This has to be the best thing I have ever seen.  I had more laughs than any thing I have ever seen.  I have have not see the show, go to YouTube and do a search for Top Gear or just click here.

Fuel April Update

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fuel-thumb.gifThere is a new trailer for Fuel and some new screen shoots as well.  The new trailer shows off how the GPS works.  I think it is a pretty good idea.  Since it is an open world game where you can drive any were.  One bummer is the game has been pushed back.  It will be still out in May, but May 26 now instead of the 12th.  You can check out a higher res version of the trailer here.

Vodpod videos no longer available.