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Canada’s Worst Driver 14 On YouTube

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Season 14, Canada’s Worst Diver, has aired four episodes so far as I am typing this (November 20, 2018).  This is one of my favourites to watch every year.  Airs late on Monday nights.  It’s on too late for me.  So the next day I watch in on the website.  While on YouTube seen someone has uploaded it on there.  Most times when this happens it gets taken down.  Not this time.  On Canada’s Worst Driver’s Facebook page they posted a link to the YouTube upload.  Was very surprised by this.  It still might be taken down.  But in the mean time if you missed an episode you can see it > here.

Canada’s Worst Driver 14

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Canadas_Worst_Driver_14It was announced the other day that one of favourite show is coming back with season 14, Canada’s Worst Diver.  They posted on their Facebook page the show will start airing October 29, 2018.   Say this every time but will say it again,  can’t believe how bad the people are at driving.  Must say all so that I don’t drive a car but do ride a motorcycle.  They are two very didn’t things.   However the rules of the road are the same for each.  Can’t wait to see how bad this years group are.

Canada’s Worst Driver 13

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Canadas_Worst_Driver_13Have good news to share.  One my all time favorite is coming back with season 13, Canada’s Worst Diver.  After all these years the show still makes me shake my head at how bad the people are at driving while still making me laugh at the same time.  Then there is the learning.  You can learning good driving tips from this show.  Must disclose I don’t drive.  But do ride a motorcycle and still have learned things.  The new season will start  October 23, 2017.

Canada’s Worst Driver 12

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Canadas_Worst_Driver_12One of my all time favourite shows will be back soon with season 12, Canada’s Worst Diver.   This season starts October 24, 2016.  Find it amazing after all these years they still find people that want to be on the show.  Have seen other versions of the show from other counties.  They don’t do it the same as here.  This one is more about helping people.  As well as having a laugh.  That what makes this shows so great.

Andrew Younghusband’s How Hard Can It Be?

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Andrew_Younghusband_How_Hard_Can_It_BeIf you ever seen Canada’s Worst Driver you will know how Andrew Younghusband is.  Turns out he has a new half hour show coming out called How Hard Can It Be?.  There have been show like this before.  Where the take a host and get them to do something they have never did before.  Then we get to watch the comedy happen.  There is no website up yet on  How they have a full segment on their YouTube page > here or below.  It has Andrew in a demolition derby.  It is pretty funny.  The show premiered December 25, 2015.  There was two back to back episodes.

Canada’s Worst Driver 11

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Canadas_Worst_Driver_11One of the funniest shows is back for season 11, Canada’s Worst Diver.   This is one of those show I look forward to each fall just to see how bad some people are at driving.  The show is all ways good.  That is because the host is funny as hell.  It started again last night (October 26, 2015).  Missed the first airing.  One good thing about this show being on Discovery it will air a few times during the week.   Managed to see the last half of the first episode.  Would think after seeing ten seasons before.  It still surprises me at just how bad they can be.  Looking forward to seeing the full season.

Canada’s Worst Driver 9

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CanadasWorstDriver9One of the funniest shows is coming back for a ninth season, Canada’s Worst Diver.  This time around they are calling it Canada’s Worst Driver Ever.  It is kind of like an all star season because they are bring back some past “winners” and those who came in second.  This will have the biggest cast yet with nine people.  This is one of those show I look forward to each fall just to see how bad some people  are at driving.  If you see past seasons you know these people suck.  So it will be interesting to see if they have improved since we last seem them.  My bet will be no.  The show starts up again October 21, 2013.  Not sure how many episode’s there will be.  My guess is eight just like the past few seasons.

Canada’s Worst Driver 8

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CanadasWorstDriver8 One of my favourite is back for season 8.  Every year look forward to new season of Canada’s Worst Diver.  It will start October 29, 2012.  Say this every time I talk about this show.  How do these people get and keep their license.  For that matter insurance.  Since most of them have been in lots of crashes and gotten lots of tickets.  This is an awesome show.  From the preview they are going to focus on city driving this time around.

Canada’s Worst Driver 7

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The “winner” or looser depending how you look at is picked on Canada’s Worst Diver season 7 tonight (December 12, 2011).   This season has been great.  Say that every time but its is true.  How these people keep their drivers licenses shocking me. Out of the three people that are left I think Sly will be picked the worst.  Going to miss the episode tonight.  Will have to catch a repeat during the week to see it.

[Update]  Shirley was picked at the “winner”.  She was named Canada’s Worst Driver for season 7.

Canada’s Worst Driver 7

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CanadasWorstDriver7 Was watching some TV last night  and saw that Canada’s Worst Diver season 7 will start October 24, 2011.  Love this show.  Every years it is so shocking to see how bad some people are at driving but still manage to get and keep their drivers license.  Looking forward to see what new challenges they come up with.  Watched one of the web video on the site.  They are having a snowplow challenge.  Not sue how that is going to work since the show was filmed in the summer.