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Springfield Confidential

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Springfield_Confidential_BookI am a fan of The Simpsons.  Have just found out about a new book on the show.  It is called Springfield Confidential: Jokes, Secrets, and Outright Lines from a Lifetime Writing for The Simpsons.  There is a good portion of the book you can sample.  Read them and like it.  So I guess I will have to add one more book to the list.  Have read one other Simpsons book.  That was was more about the cartoon family.  This one is written about the people who made the show.  As I am typing this (July 26, 2018) is asking $23.43 which is a hardcover.

Treehouse of Horror XXVIII

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Halloween is bit more than a week away.  So it is time for a TV tradition.   The Simpsons will air this years Treehouse of Horror episode tonight (October 22, 2017).  This will the 28th one.  Watch these every year.  For a few years they would air for some reason after Halloween.  While I am not a big fan of this day.  Do enjoy some of the special on TV.  Before The Simpsons air there will be a Halloween themed Bob’s Burgers as well.  Which is all ways awesome.

Treehouse of Horror XXVII

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Treehouse_of_Horror_XXVIIIt is a big night for The Simpsons tonight, October 16, 2016.  Not just because will be the 27th Treehouse of Horror episode.  It all was marks the series 600th episode.  The Treehouse episodes are all way special.  Just like past one there will be three stories told.  Which will be spoofing pop culture is some way.  It seems a bit early to be airing a Halloween show.  However some years they would air well after Halloween .  You can check out the trailer > here.

Treehouse of Horror XXVI

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Treehouse_Of_Horror_XXVINot a big fan of Halloween.  However there are two things good about it.  The first is the next day half price candy.  The second is The Simpsons Threehouse of Horror.  The Treehouse of Horror episodes are an institution.  The Simpsons are in their 27th season and this marks the 26th Horror episode.  Years ago they used to air a whole bunch of these episodes in a row leading up to the new one.  Sadly the channels I have don’t do that any more.  There are some many good ones.  They parody so many things over the years.  The parodies become better than what they parody.  Over > here is a list of stuff they did.  My all time favourite is is when the did The Peanuts Halloween spoof called, It’s The Grand Pumpkin, Milhouse.  Which air during the 20th season.  Tune in tonight (October 25, 2015) to watch the new one.

Bob’s Burgers Season Six

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BobsBurgers.jpgAll the Sunday animated shows will be starting soon, September 27, 2015.  Looking forward the most to Bob’s Burgers.  It is the best one of the bunch.  Been a fan since the very first episode.  Now we are heading in to season six.  The show gets better and better every season.  Not sure what craziest they will get up to this season.   Might be hard to top lasts seasons.   The Simpsons and Family guy all so start that night as well.

Lego Simpsons Minifigures Again

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LEGO-Simpsons-Minifigures.jpgLast week went back to see if I could find more of the Lego Simpsons Minifigures.  Seen that they had a bunch more.  So this time bought six.  Would like to see if I can get all sixteen.  Sure will end up with doubles but can give them to friends.  This might seem like a bit of money to spend.  But they look cool and fun to collect.  This time around out of the six I bought only got one new one, Apu.  Ended up with three more Krusty the Clown’s, Nelson Muntz and a Maggie Simpson.

[Upadate] Went back again today (October 22, 2014) to see if there were any more.  Sadly there was none to be found.  Will keep my eye out but think once they sold them all that was it.

The Simpsons 25 of the Greatest Guest Stars Mini Figures

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The_Simpsons_25_of_the_Greatest_Guest_StarsWell the other day stopped in at the local game/comic store.  While looking around found something I had to buy.  They has a box full of Simpsons miniature figures.  The thing is the were in blind bag packaging.  Which means you can’t see what one your are getting.  The figures are of the greatest guest stars that were on the show.   They were only asking $3 each.  So I bought three of them.  One was from series one and the other two are form series two.  You can read more about them > here.  Found out they all so make the same figures in a 5” tall ones as well as these mini ones.  From the pictures (below) I got Hugh Hefner, Roger Daltrey and Mark Hamill.  I might just go back and buy some more.  Just wished the store had the bigger ones as well.


The Simpsons – Brick Like Me

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TheSimpsons.gifThis coming Sunday, May 4, 2014 there is a very special episode of the The Simpsons.  This episode is called Brick Like Me.  That is because The Simpsons world will be made our of Lego.  Remembered hearing about this awhile ago and thought it sounded interesting.  Know that The Simpsons ratings have dropped a lot over the years.  Thinking this special episode will bring some fans back.  You can check out how it will look with this trailer > here or below.

The Simpsons LEGO

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TheSimpsons.gifFound something cool the other day.  Two pictures for a Simpsons LEGO set have been leaked.  There are a bunch of articles online about this.  The > here is the first one I read.   People are not sure if it is real or not.   Because there has ever been a Simpsons LEGO set before.  The box art does look pretty convincing.  The set has all The Simpsons, their house and Ned Flanders.  The box art says there are 2,523 pieces.  LEGO’s can be very expensive so know doubt this would cost a lot.  It’s one of those cool things to buy if you had lots of extra money.  If I did I would buy this in a hart beat.


[UpDate] Turns out this is a real set.  There is a video > here from LEGO themselves talking about it.  They have listed the price as well.  They are asking $229.99 Canadian.  Which is $30 more than the US price.  I hate it when the do that.  Any who if I had an extra $230 (+tax) I would be getting it.

Big TV Night

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BobsBurgers.jpgDon’t forget tonight (September 29, 2013) is a big night for TV.  All the good cartoon show start their new seasons.   First there is the 25 season of The Simpsons.  Then there is the one I am most looking forward to is Bob’s Burgers.  This show all ways cracks me up.  Next is Family Guy then American Dad.  This is all ways a good night each year when all these shows start.