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Grand Theft Auto V Limited Edition Guide

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GTAVLimitedEditionGuide.jpgI know I talked about the Grand Theft Auto V Limited Edition Guide yesterday.   But going to talk about it again today.  Typed that one up on September 23, 2013, when I ordered the book but didn’t post it until the 25th.  It shipped on the 24th  and was in my hands this morning at 11am on the 26th.  That was very fast shipping.  Think that is the fast I have ever gotten any thing.  The guide itself does not disappoint.  The hardcover is very nice.  Inside it has every thing you want to know about the game, how to find and do every thing.  Gives you a break down on the missions and how to get a 100% in each.  They have all the hidden items to find with maps and screenshots.  All so were to find weapons and armorer.  Then there are all the side missions and what not.   They list all the guns and vehicles.  One cool thing it comes with is a very nice lithograph.  Which comes in its own paper envelope.  You can see at picture of that below.  I plan to get a frame for it so I can hang it on the wall.



Grand Theft Auto V Limited Edition Guide

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GTAVLimitedEditionGuideWas on look to see what new movies are coming out.  Then seen a GTA V book.  It was one of those Brady Games strategy guides.  Then seen that here was a limited edition hardcover version.  You can check it out > here.  They have it on sale for a really good price, $23.19 (as I am typing this September 23, 2013).  The back of the book says the Canadian price is $36.99.  So it is much cheaper to buy this off of Amazon the from a store.  So what is what I did.   Sure get my hands on this by the end of the week or next week.  Pretty sure all this info in the book can be found online but there is something about a book that is cool.   Am a huge fan of GTA so this is a nice thing to have.