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Fire Pro Wrestling World – Overview Trailer

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Fire_Pro_Wrestling_WorldA few years back got to try out the PlayStation 2 game Fire Pro Wrestling – Returns.  Was very impressed with this game.  It is one of best wresting games out there.  Have some news to share.  There is a new one coming out soon.  It is called Fire Pro Wresting World.  There have been many of these games.  Many of them didn’t come to North America.  Happy to say this one is.  It set to be out August 28, 2018.  You can see what they are calling the overview trailer > here or below.  It shows off what you can do in the game.  Must say it looks great.  You can pretty much customize every thing.


PlayStation Plus July 2018 Game’s Line-up

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The list of free game for PlayStation Plus members for July 2018 is now out.  This time around each system get two games.  Some of them I heard of. While the others not so much.  Think it is a good mix of games.  You can read the official blog post > here.  You can start downloading July 3, 2018.


Heavy Rain



Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess

Rayman 3 HD


Space Overlords

Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma

PlayStation Hits

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PlayStation_HitsNot sure why Sony didn’t announce this news at E3.  Ever since the first PlayStation was out.  Once a game had sold so many copies the would come out with a Greatest Hits version.  Well the PlayStation 4 has reached that point now.  This time around they are calling them PlayStation Hits.  According to their blog post > here.   Starting June 28, 2018 you will be able to get these games for $20.00.  This is an awesome deal.  There is bunch I want to get.  Will have to keep my eye out at the local stores.  Here is the list of games below.

  • Bloodborne
  • Battlefield 4
  • Doom
  • Driveclub
  • Infamous: Second Son
  • Killzone: Shadow Fall
  • The Last of Us Remastered
  • LittleBigPlanet 3
  • Metal Gear Solid V: The Definitive Experience
  • Project CARS
  • Ratchet & Clank
  • Street Fighter V
  • Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
  • Yakuza 0
  • Yakuza Kiwami

Ghost Of Tsushima

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Ghost_Of_TsushimaThere is one last game I want to talk about shown that this years (2018) E3.  It is Ghost of Tsushima.  You play as a Samurai in 13th century Japan.  Who is fighting off the Mongol invasion.  It is one of the beautiful games I have every seen.  In the video which you can see > here or below.  You can see just how it looks as well as how it will play.  They say it will be an open world.  There has never been a game like this.  Sure there has been games with Samurai in them but they were more over the top.  This one is all most realistic.  There is no release date.  I am guessing some time in 2019 or later.

The Division 2 Beta

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The_Division_2E3 was in full swing.  There is a lot of awesome news about all kinds of games I want to get.  During the Xbox press conference they had a video/”game play” for The Division 2.   Really enjoyed the first one when it came out back in 2016.  I played it like a single player game.  While it is meant to be co-op and PvP.  Never really bother with that.  With this new one, I hope it can be done that same way.  Well after that video was over they said there will be a closed beta and you can sign up that night.  Which I did.  You can as well > here.  Hope I get picked.  The full game is set to be out March 15, 2019.  You can see the video from the press conference > here or below.  Am sure this will be many post of me talking about the games shown off at this years E3.

Red Dead Redemption 2: News

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June is all ways a big month for gaming news.  With E3 just days away now.  There is more and more info out each day.  The game I am looking forward to the most, Red Dead Redemption 2, has some new news.  On June 4, 2018 Rockstar Games put out info on the different editions you can get the game in.  Just about every big title now a day has special editions.  Red Dead has a few to chose from.  There is the Special Edition.  Which comes with all kinds of extra story stuff and items.  Next is the Ultimate Edition.  Which comes will all the stuff from the other edition plus more.  Some of which is for the online part of the game.  The last one is the Collector’s Box.  This has all kinds of real life items that a come in a metal box.  The thing about this is it doesn’t come with the game.  Then there are the pre-order bonuses or you can pre-order it digitally to get extra bonuses.  You can read the official Rockstar Games blog post > here for all the details.  The game is set to be out October 26, 2018

Far Cry 3 Classic Edition

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Far_Cry_3_Classic_EditionFew post back talked about buying the season pass for Far Cry 5.  Well I bought it.  One part of this season pass is, Far Cry 3 Classic Edition.  This is the only way to get the game so far.  At some point it will be a standalone on the store.  Back when the game first came out, December 2012.  I played the crap out of it.  It was one of the first games I ever got 100% in.  It was a bit hard to get back into at first.  Since I have been playing Far Cry 5 for months now.  Not sure if I will ever finish it again.  But it is nice to have a copy that I can play without having to hook up the PS3.