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Oceanhorn: Monster Of Uncharted Seas Demo

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Oceanhorn_Monster_Of_Uncharted_SeasOn the PlayStation store they are/were (depending when you are reading this) a sale of digital only games.  One of this is Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas.   Have been looking at this one for awhile now.  The sales price was $10.00.  Which is a good price for game this size.  Was still on the fences about buying it.  Then seen that there was a demo.  So gave that a go.

First of the game looks great and the controls are good as well.  It plays something like a Zelda game.  In the demo it is let you play the very beginning.  Much like every game it walks you though on the mechanics.  Then it ends when you find a key to your boat to head off the island.  After playing the demo decided not to buy the full game.  While there is nothing wrong with any of it.  Just didn’t pull me in.

PlayStation Plus August 2017 Game’s Line-up

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The list of free game for PlayStation Plus members for August 2017 is now out.  This time around there are two big AAA game for the PS4.  One is Just Cause 3.  All ready on this game.  It is pretty awesome.  So those that don’t, this is a must download.  The other is the standalone adventure is the Assassin’s Creed Black Flag world.  Loved the Black Flag game.  So it will be fun to try  this one out.  You can read the official blog post > here.  The game will be downloadable August 1, 2017.


Just Cause 3

Assassin’s Creed: Freedom Cry




Super Motherload


Level 22


Play DOOM For Free This Weekend On PS4

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DOOM_2016If you are a PlayStation Plus member have some cool news to share.  From July 27 to 31, 2017 you can download and play the full 2016 version of DOOM.  The website says the file size is 47GB.  But it is more likely a lot bigger than that.  So if you have the hard drive space and time.  Think it would be well worth it.  Have heard lots of great things about this game.  Might just give it a try.  All so if you like it.  It is still on sale until August 16, 2017.  You can more about it on the PlayStation store’s game page > here.

Guns, Gore & Cannoli

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Guns_Gore_CannoliGot to play an awesome game a few nights back.  It is called Guns, Gore & Cannoli.  A bunch of us were at a game night and friend bought the game on sale in the PlayStation Store.  It is a 2D shooter similar to a Metal Slug or Contra.  What makes this one standout and awesome.  Is the setting and art work.  The setting has this 1940’s gangster movie look.  You get all kinds of cool weapons to use that are from that era.  The game is fast, over the top and funny.  It can be played four players on one screen.  That is what we did.  So it gets pretty crazy at times.  The best thing about the game is the art work.  It is all hand drawn.  With crazy details and smooth animation.

Another great thing about the game is, it is pretty forgiving.  You will die in these types of game.  Unlike others they don’t make you start from the beginning.  It starts you right were you died.  Played it on easy so that might be different in the other difficulties.  We did finish the game in one sitting.  But that is fine.  Its a small indie game.  Pick up and play.  Had lots of fun playing this.  Think it was well worth the money he paid for it.

LEGO Worlds Hands On

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Have been keeping my eye on LEGO Worlds since I first heard about it.  It is just like Minecraft with a LEGO twist.  While in at Best Buy seen they had one copy left and a price of $30.00.  Couldn’t pass the deal up.  So bought it.  As I am typing this June 27, 2017 have only played the opening tutorial level.  There seems to be two modes one is, you crash land on a planet.  Discover what you need to then fly to another one.  The other mode is creative. Were you can build what you want.  The game is two player co-op.  Not sure how that works yet. But should be fun.  Just like every other LEGO game I have played the menu system is very confusing.

[Update]  Have gotten around to playing so more of this.  Once you get past the opening worlds.  Which show you how to use all the tools the game gets better.  The worlds get bigger and more things to do.  Plan on trying the creative mode out next.

PlayStation Plus July 2017 Game’s Line-up

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The list of free game for PlayStation Plus members for July 2017 is now out.  This months stands out from past ones because there are some pretty big games this time.  You can read the official blog post > here.  You can start downloading the them July 4th, 2017.


Until Dawn

Game of Thrones Telltale Series (all six episodes)

Don’t Die, Mr. Robot


Darkstalkers Resurrection

Tokyo Jungle


Don’t Die, Mr. Robot


Back Into Fallout 4

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One of the best games ever is Fallout 4.  Owned this game since launch back in November 2015.  Played around 55 hours before putting it aside.  Now that I finished Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands.  Was thinking about buying a new game.  There is one I really want.  While waiting for next pay day.  Put Fallout 4 back in.  Decided to start from the very beginning with a new character.  Got sucked right back in.  So know am think I will be playing this for awhile.  Then I will go buy the game I really after that.