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Neverwinter On PS4

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NeverwinterThe free to play MMO action RPG Neverwinter has been around for many years now.  Back in 2016 it was out on the PlayStation 4.  Over those years have looked at it on the PlayStation Store but never downloaded it.  Have tried a few different MMO but never stuck with any.  Was board the day so gave this a try on my PS4.  It is all so out on PC and XBox One.  After making a character you go into a few tutorials missions.  These show the basics of the gameplay.  While playing those found the menu systems very confusing.  All most didn’t make though the open part of the game because found it very boring and generic.  However stuck with it.  Once that is over the game opens up more.  Did a few more beginner missions.  That was more fun.  Think I am going to try some more of this game out.

Ghost Of Tsushima Jumped Back In

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Ghost_Of_Tsushima.jpgA week or so ago made a post talking about jumping back into Ghost of Tsushima.  Well the other day I did just that.  It has been any months and pretty much forgot all the controls.  So when it came time for some combat I was very rusty.  Think I would have died if I hadn’t had all the upgrades all ready.  Have those because I started over with a game+ save.  This starts from the first of the game but you get to keep what you have all ready unlocked.  That being said they add one new level of upgrading to each weapon.  My goal is to see if I can finish the game again to unlock the special Trophy.

Red Dead Online – Blood Money

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Red_Dead_Online.jpgThere is a new mode out for Red Dead Online called Blood Money.  Which came out on July 13, 2021.  While I haven’t gotten to try it yet.  Did see some videos.  It does look interesting.  They re-worked and had some new story missions in.  So having a different way to play the game is nice as. On my next day off plan to give it a try.

State Of Play From July 8, 2021

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PS_State_Of_Play.jpgThe PlayStation brand put out a new state of play on July 8 (2021).  With the main focus on Deathloop.  However they showed off a bunch of other stuff as well.  Was happy to see they showed more video of Sifu.  First heard about that one back in their state of play from February (2021).   The shows runs for about thirty minutes.  You can give it a watch > here or below.

New State Of Play On July 8, 2021

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PS_State_Of_Play.jpgThere is a new state of play coming this July 8 (2021).  From their blog post > here.  They are saying it will run about thirty minutes.  With the main focus on Deathloop.  They showed some of this game off in past videos.  So guessing it will be out to buy sometime soon.  They all so said they will be showing some indie games and third party updates.  Once I give it watch will be back with an update later in the week.

PlayStation Plus July 2021 Game’s Line-up

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PlaystationPlus.jpgThe list of free games for PlayStation Plus members for July 2021 is out.  It’s a interesting line up this time.  A mixed bag for sure.  Like the last few months there will be two PS4 games and one for the PlayStation 5.  Out of the three will be trying the WWE one.  You can read the official blog post > here.  Then start downloading July 6, 2021.


Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

WWE 2K Battlegrounds


A Plague Tale: Innocence

Ghost of Tsushima Jumping Back In

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Ghost_Of_Tsushima.jpgIt was last summer (2020) that Ghost of Tsushima came out.  Played the hell out of it.  When they add they had the Game+ mode.  Was going to do that but ended up taking a break.   So I think it is time to jump back into the game.  Have been playing Cyberpunk 2077 off and on.  While I like it, it just doesn’t hold my interest.  As for Ghost of Tsushima it had me from the opening moments right to the end.

[Update] Had this post typed up before they announced Ghost of Tsushima: Directors Cut.

Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.23

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Cyberpunk_2077.pngThere is a new patch out for Cyberpunk 2077, this is update 1.23.  You can read what it does > here.  At this point in time have put about 44 hours into the game.  After installing this 30GB update.  The game seems to be running a lot smoother.  When I press the options button on the PS4 controller the menu screen pops up right way.  Before that it may or many not show or load in slowly.  All so found the movement way more smooth.  Going to play some more to see if it is really better.

PlayStation Plus Membership Renewal

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PlaystationPlus.jpgFor many years now I renew my PlayStation Plus membership during PlayStation Days of Play event.  They have 25% off most years.  For some reason I never seen it advertised any were that they would be doing it this years (2021).  So logged on to the PlayStation Store just to see.  Turns out they are running the sale.  It goes from June 1 to 10, 2021.  For with the 25% off it comes to (rounding up) $53.00.  So after work I picked up a $50 PlayStation card.  Still have some money on my account.   Now my membership is good until June 2023.

No Man’s Sky Prisms Update

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No_Mans_Sky.jpgIt has been many awesome years for No Man’s Sky.  They keep giving us more content and updates all the time.  Now they are back with another one called the Prisms Update.  This one is more about making the game look even better.  Most of these features are only for PC and next gen consoles.  There is more too it than that.  One other big thing they had, is you can now have flying pets.  You can click the link above to see all what has been added.  You can all so check out the trailer > here or below.