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Titans: Season 4 On Netflix

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Am very happy to read that season four of Titans will be on Netflix soon.  Have watched the other three seasons and want to see how this show ends.  As this is the last season of the series.  While the show goes have it good and bad spots.  Hoping these season they work out all the kinks.  We don’t have to wait much longer.  It will be on the services June 25, 2023.

Wednesday Show On Netflix

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WednesdayThe show Wednesday came out on Netflix back in November 2022 wasn’t too sure if I would watch it.   Well last week some time decided to give it a try.  After the first episode really like what I seen.  So every day after what watched an episode.  Didn’t want to binge it because there are only eight episodes.  Really enjoyed this show.  It was funny and interesting.  All so want to see what happens next.  Am happy to hear there are working on a second season.  Will be keeping my eye out more info on that.

Scott Pilgrim Anime Series

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Have read there is a Scott Pilgrim Anime Series in the works for Netflix.  Which is cool but what’s cooler is all the actors from the movie, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, are coming back to do the voices.  Have bee re-reading the Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Boxset.  The show doesn’t have a title yet or a release date.  But will be keeping my eye on this project.  I’m not really into anime.  However will watch this.

The Umbrella Academy Comics

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The_Umbrella_Academy_ComicsHave watched two seasons of The Umbrella Academy and started the third.  Liking the show a lot.  Thinking about getting the comics that it’s based off, The Umbrella Academy.  According to Wikipedia there are three main volumes.   Then there is one volume of a spin off called Tales from the Umbrella Academy. Going to look on Amazon to see how much they are going for.

The Umbrella Academy

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The Netflix show The Umbrella Academy has been on my watch list since it came out back in 2019.  Have read that the fourth and last season is in the works.  So got thinking I need to start watching this show.  As of typing this (March 5, 2023) am about half way though the first season.  Like it so far and find it interesting.  As well as funny.  Some of the plot points are easy to guess but there are some good surprises too.  Not sure when the last season is set to be out but my guess will be some time next year.

Wednesday Thing

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Wednesday_ThingHave printed off another cool file found over at  It is Thing > here from the Netflix show Wednesday.  Still haven’t  watched this show yet.  But know who Thing is from the old TV show.  Which we used to watch re-runs on Sundays as kids.  Didn’t print it full scale.  Cut it buy 50%.  Just to see how well it would turn out.   In which it did.  If I get more time will print it again at full scale.

The Pale Blue Eye

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The_Pale_Blue_EyeThere is a very interesting movie coming to Netflix in January (2023) called The Pale Blue Eye.   It is based off a book of the same name.  It’s some what a murder mystery set in the 1800’s. From the trailer which you can see > here or below it looks really good with a lot of great actors in it.  Can’t wait to see this.  It will be on Netflix January 6, 2023.

The Witcher: Blood Origin – Trailer

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The_Witcher_Blood_OriginBefore we get to see season three of The Witcher.  There is a prequel show The Witcher: Blood Origin out on Netflix December 25, 2022.  This four part series does look really good from the trailer > here or below.  The story is set 1200 years before the events of the main series.  It is about,  “the creation of the first prototype Witcher, and the events that led to the pivotal Conjunction of the Spheres, when the worlds of monsters, men, and elves merged to become one.”  I’ll be check it out.

TITANS Season 4 Trailer

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I still need to finishing watching Titans season thee on Netflix Canada.  In the mean time if you have  HBO Max season four will be on that service starting November 3, 2022.  You can see the trailer > here or below.  It does look really good.  Like that other three seasons am hoping it comes to Netflix at some point in time.

[Update have since finished watching season 3.]

The Long Kiss Goodnight

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The_Long_Kiss_GoodnightOne of my favourite action movies from the late 90’s on on Netflix now, The Long Kiss Goodnight.  Forget how many times I watched this back in the VHS days.  So I just had to watch it again.  It was nice to see it in HD.  While it silly or doesn’t make sense in parts.  Over all it is still a fun watch.  Think Geena Davis is a good action star.  It’s too bad she wasn’t in more movies like this.  If you have Netflix it well worth checking out.