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The Toys That Made Us Season 4 Some Day?

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Got thinking about the documentary series on Netflix, The Toys That Made Us.  It has been many years since there has been new episodes/new season.  Season three was out in 2019.  The spin off show, The Movies That Made Us, has more episodes.  Then again is is a lot easier to make that show then talking about old toys.  Going to keep my fingers crossed that some time in 2022 there will be a season four.


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VoirGave the six episodes of Netflix Voir a watch.  This is sort of like mini docs about peoples take on movies.  The description calls it a, “collection of visual essays.”  This is a good way of describing them.  While these were kind of interesting to watch.  However there is not much to make the standout or want to see again.  The episdoe I like most is, Film vs Television.  It talks about how films were the got to for entertainment and how TV caught up to it.  Then is some ways was better.  Would say it worth checking out but not a must see right way.

Titans Season 3 On Netflix

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It was back in the summer of (2021) that Titans season three was out in the States on HBO Max.  Then was thinking, I hope it would be on Netflix in Canada at some point.  Just like the first two seasons.   Was all so thinking it wouldn’t be until 2022 some time.  Well I was wrong.  We don’t have to wait much longer.  It will be on Netflix December 8, 2021.  Very much looking forward to this season.  The first to were pretty good.  While there are some problems.  Over all it is worth the watch.

Stranger Things 4 – Welcome To California Trailer

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It was back in September (2021) that Netflix teased us with a trailer for season four of Stranger Things.  Well they are back with an even bigger trailer.  Which they are calling Welcome to California.  Which you can see > here or below.  Not sure how much time will have pasted between the season.  But in real life it has been a long time.  It kind of stands out in the trailer at how tall the kids are now.  Well not kids any more young adults.  There is no official air date yet other than 2022.  Just like in the last trailer description box it say, “   004/004”.  So maybe April 4, 2022?

The Movies That Made Us Season 3

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As I am typing this (October 15, 2021) watched two episodes of season thee for The Movies That Made Us.  Those were Coming to America and Aliens.  They did really good job on theses.  It had lots of interesting facts as well as some good humor.  So are this season is much better than season two.  That one seems to be more phoned in or rushed.  Plan to watch the rest of the episodes (one a night) for the next week.  Will be back with a review.

Stranger Things Season Four Trailer

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Have another post on a Netflix show.  This time if is for season four of Stranger Things.   Back in August (2021) watched the three seasons of the show for the first time.  Liked it very much.  So when I seen this teaser trailer for season four, which you can see > here or below, was really happy.  Looks like they might be doing a bit of time jumping, may be?  They have all ready said the new season will out some thing in 2022.  Will be keeping an eye out for more info.

The Movies That Made Us Season 3

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Have some very good news to share.  Found out the other day there are more episodes of The Movies That Made Us coming soon.  Back in July (2021) they put out season two with four episodes, Jurassic Park, Forrest Gump, Back to the Future and Pretty Woman.  While I really like this doc series.  Was kind of disappointed with season two.  It seemed like someone just read a Wikipedia page and turned it into a show.

So hoping season thee will be better.  As for the movies they are covering, there are eight in total.  However two of them were part of the The Holiday Movies That Made Us, Elf and The Nightmare Before Christmas.  The other six movies are, Aliens, A Nightmare On Elm Street, Coming to America, Friday the 13th, Halloween and Robocop.  All great movie.  Looking forward to seeing them.  The day they are on Netflix is October 12, 2021.

Stranger Things Late To The Party

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Stranger_ThingsHave had Netflix for years but for some reason never got around to watching Stranger Things.  Have had it on my watch list for years as well.  Knew the show would be something I would like.  Well sometime last month got thinking I need to start watching things off this list.  First up was this show.  Must say all the hype around it true.  Very entertaining and you want to see what happens next.  With that being said the parts of the episodes can be predictable.  Over all enjoyed all three seasons.  A few days ago they announced that season four will be out in 2022.  As well get closer to next year they will give us a date.

The Harder They Fall Trailer

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The_Harder_They_FallNetflix has been putting out a lot of good movies as of late.  There is another one come some time this Fall (2021) called The Harder They Fall.  While I am not into westerns.  There have been a few I like this one might be add to the list.  From the trailer > here or below.  Looks like there will be lots of great action.

The Movies That Made Us New Episodes

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The_Movies_That_Made_Us.jpgJust a reminder that there are new episodes of The Movies That Made Us on Netflix this Friday (July 23, 2021).   It as back in 2019 that the first four episodes were out.  Then in November (2020) the put two more out under the Holiday Movies that Made Us.   From what I have read the movies the will be covering are,  Jurassic Park, Forrest Gump, Back to the Future and Pretty Woman.