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The Witcher Omnibus

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The_Witcher_OmnibusAs I am typing this (August 16, 2020) just finished watching the Netflix series, The Witcher.  I know I am late too the party.  Have enjoyed the show a lot an am a big fan of the Wild Hunt game.  Want to know more about this world.  First got thinking about getting copies of the books they are based on.  However all know their is a comic books as well.  Was looking at getting the trades but discovered there is an Omnibus.  This is a full collection of that comic series in one big book.  It is called The Witcher Omnibus, asking price of $33.65 on  Thinking I will add this to my wish list.

High Score Documentary Series

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High_ScoreThere is a new documentary series coming to Netflix called High Score.  There have been many tries at making a video game docs but most are not so great.  This one will be in episodes so it should cover more ground.  Speaking of episodes not sure how many there will be.  But my guess between 4 and 6.  Well will find out soon because it will be on there August 19, 2020.  I will be watching.  Then back with a review at some point.  I the mean time you can see a low-rez version of the trailer > here or below.

A Toy Store Near You

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A_Toy_Store_Near_YouIf you are a fan of The Toys That Made Us or The Movies Made Us over on Netflix.  Have some good news.  The company, Nacelle,  have a new series out called A Toy Store Near You.  The idea behind this show is taking to independent toy stores about how the pandemic is affecting their business.  The best part is (as I am typing this August 1, 2020) there are five episodes all on YouTube.  Which you can check out > here.  They don’t have a playlist made so you need to go though their video list to seen them in order.  I did watch the first episode. It was pretty good.  Has a small bit of the charm from their past shows.

Titans Season Two

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For awhile forgot that Titans season two was on Netflix.  For the most part liked the first season.  Going to start with saying season two is way better.  Once you get past the first episode.  This ties ups the events of the first season.  It wasn’t very good.  While this second season has some really great stuff going on.  For some reason it would fall apart in spots.  The best parts of the season are when the introduce new characters or when they do backstory with other characters.  All so the fight scenes are done really well.

Over all think this is well worth you time watching.  Many not so much if you are not into comic book shows/movies.  Haver read there is a third season in the works.  If they keep improving on what they did in this season it should be even better.

4 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

The Toys That Made Us Season Four?

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Am a big fan of the Netflix documentary series, The Toys That Made Us.  All three season (12 episodes) are awesome.  They are informative and funny at the same time.  There is no official world if there will be a fourth season.  But I really hope there is.  Will be keeping an eye out if here is anything announced.  If you have Netflix give these a watch.  All so check out The Movies Made Us, as well.  It’s the same idea but with movies.  They need to make more of these as well.

Titans Season Two

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Forgot that Titans season two was on Netflix Canada.  For the most part liked the first season which ended with cliff-hanger.  They quickly tied up the first season with the first episode of season two. Which wasn’t very good at all.  Happy they are moving on from that storyline.  Only a few episodes.  It seems a much better show so far.   They interduce Deathstroke, whos is all ways a cool character.

Locke & Key – Official Trailer

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Locke_&_KeyThere is an awesome new show coming to Netflix soon.  It is Lock & Key.  Which is based off the very famous comic book series of the same name, Locke & Key.  Have heard lots of great things about the comic but never did get to read it.  Am sure once the show is out they will be putting out the comic again in some form.  In the mean time check out the trailer for the show > here or below.  It will be on Netflix February 7, 2020.  Will be watching this for sure.

Titans Season Two On Netflix

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It was January of last year (2019) that the streaming service, DC Universe, show Titans came to Netflix Canada.  Like the season a lot and was wondering if the second one would be on it at some point.  This second season started on the DC service in September (2019).  Then starting January 10, 2020 it will be on Netflix.  Can’t wait to see what happens next.  The first season end in a cliff-hanger.  If you haven’t check it out yet now is the time.

The Movies That Made Us

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The_Movies_That_Made_UsThe people behind the awesome and much watch documentary series, The Toys That Made Us.  Have a new series come out soon called, The Movies That Made Us.  It will be the same formula just with movies in instead.  Think will be great.  There will be four episodes.  Three of which I will watch.  Which are Home Alone, Ghostbusters and Die Hard.  All awesome movies.  The fourth episode is Dirty Dancing.  Could careless about that one. We don’t have to wait long for it be on Netflix.  November 29, 2019 is the day.

The Toys That Made Us Season Binge Watched

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On November 15, 2019 the third season of The Toys That Made Us was out on Netflix.  That night I binged three of the four episodes.  Didn’t bother with the My Little Pony one.  At first was going to watch one a day.  Well they were just so good kept watching.  Talked about is in past posts.  The episode I was looking forward to the most was the one in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  It did not disappoint.  Think the best thing about is they interview Peter Laird.  He is the co-creator of the Turtles.  It look a long time for us to get new episodes. May be I should have took my time watching them.  Do think at some point there will be a fourth season.  Because they did change the song in the shows opening.  The first two seasons it said something like, in an eight part series.  Now says, in and ongoing series.   If you haven’t check any of these episodes out yet.  Do so, they are entertaining and interesting at the same time.