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Chibi Spider-Man

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Chibi_Spider-ManThink I have found my next 3D printing project for at again.  It this this > here a Chibi Spider-Man.  While not the biggest Spider-Man/Marvel fan this does look really cool.  All so it should be some what easy to paint.   It does seem to be designed to be printed with resin.  But I will be using my FDM printer.  The only down side is when it comes time prime it.  It’s winter here now so will have to keep my eye on the weather.

Marvel Comics 7 For $15

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Tony_Stark_Iron_ManEvery now again wander around Walmart just to see if anything stands out.  Well I seen a box with has bundle packs of Marvel comics.  The sticker on the front read 7 comics for $15.  There were two bundles.  One which the first comic was an X-Men.  The other had a Iron Man.  Decided to go with the Iron Man one.   When I got home and opened.  The first comic was the Iron Man.  Behind that was another sealed bundle.  Which had a sticker, 3 great Marvel comics. 1 terrific price.  That had a Captain America/Iron Man and two Star Wars.  Then last three were sealed as well.   That one had two Start Wars and an X-Men Legends.   Think this is good idea but I will not buy any more.  Well may be if they had some from DC.

Marvel Shows On Netflix Are Leaving

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Just read that the Netflix/Marvel shows are leaving the service.  Sadly I never made it though all the shows and episodes.  I did enjoy the first season of Jessica Jones.  Haven’t seen the second or third.  Watched the first two of Daredevil.  There were amazing.  Then moved on to Luke Cage, which was pretty good. After that forced myself to watch Iron Fist and The Defenders.  Didn’t really like those so gave up watching they rest of the shows and seasons.  From what I have read they will be leaving March 1, 2022.  There is still some time.  So thinking I might try and binge watch the third season of Daredevil.

Miles Morales: With Great Power

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Miles_Morales_With_Great_PowerEvery now again take a look the book section at Walmart.  Have gotten some good deals over the years.  There has been anything that caught my eye in months until the other day.  When I seen they had some of a trade paper back with a Spider-Man on the cover.  Am more of a DC fan but I don’t mind checking out Marvel.  The book is called Miles Morales: With Great Power.  Don’t know much about his version of Spider-Man.  Know he was the main guy in the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.  Still haven’t see it yet but want to soon.  Have heard nothing but good things about it.  The trade is just under 300 pages.  The art looks really good.  The pages are sharp and clear.  Haven’t read it yet.  Need to finish another book first.

Marvel’s Daredevil: Season 3 Trailer

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Daredevil_Season_3Was all most caught up on the Netflix Marvel shows.  But then they released season two’s for three of them.  So I am far behind again.  Now there is the third season of Daredevil will be out soon.  They put out an awesome trailer.  Which you can see > here or below.  I love this show.  So I might just have to skip over the other to watch this one first.  We can start watching October 19, 2018.

Netflix Marvel Shows

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NetflixRecently had an operation.  So I have lots of down time.  This makes a prefect time to caught up on the Netflix Marvel shows.  Have all ready seen the two seasons of Daredevil, first season of Jessica Jones and four episodes of Luke Cage.  My goal is to watch the in order then came out.  Once I am finished season one of Luck Cage.  Need to watch Iron Fist, The Defenders, The Punisher, season two of Jessica Jones and then season two of Luck Cage.  If you haven’t seen any of them let.  They are well worth checking out.  Daredevil had me hocked right way.  Then Jessica Jones is one of the best shows I have every seen.  It is right up there will The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones for my all time favorites.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

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Avengers_Infinity_WarCan’t go on the internet without reading about the newest Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, Avengers: Infinity War.  I am one of the very few that have not seen it yet.  That is because I am so far behind in watching the ones that came before it.  Trying to caught up now.  Infinity War will not be leaving theatres any time soon.  So I have time.  Watched Spider-Man: Homecoming this past weekend.  Which was really good.  The next one is Thor: Ragnarok and after that is Black Panther.   Which I have read will be out on disc formants May 15, 2018.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones

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I know.  I am very late to the party.   Have watched the first three episodes of Netflix Marvel’s show Jessica Jones.  Had some time off.  So made some time to watch more of Netflix.  Really enjoyed the Daredevil show.  So I know I would be interested in this one.  Well, was hooked right away. Can’t wait to see the rest of them.  This is an amazing show.  I can tell just after the first episode.  Have read the the second season will be out some time in March 2018.  Will be adding that to my list as well.

Marvel’s The Punisher Trailer #2

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Near the end of September (2017) Netflix put out the first trailer for The Punisher.  You can see that > here if you missed it.  At the end of the trailer there is a release date which is blacked out except the year, 2017.  Well last week (October 19th) they put out a second trailer.  Which shows a lot more of the storyline.  But more importantly a date, November 17, 2017.  You can see this new trailer > here or below.

Marvel’s The Punisher Trailer

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Marvels_The_PunisherEvery since The Punisher was in season two of Netflix and Marvel’s Daredevil there were stories what he would get his own show.  Well, they did make one and it will be out very soon called, The Punisher.  Back on September 20, 2017 Netflix put on trailer out on their YouTube channel.  Which you can see > here or below.  At the end the tease a release date.  Which is blacked out except the year, 2017.  There are only about three months left in the year.  So my guess is some time in October.  After watching the trailer think this will be an awesome show.