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The Dark Tower Blu-ray

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The_Dark_Tower_Blu-rayWhile The Dark Tower movie didn’t do so well in the theaters.  I still want to watch it.  Have read the first book in The Dark Tower series, called The Gunslinger.  Did like the book and would like to read the others.  Can see why these books would be hard to turn into a movie.  It mixes western, sci-fi and fantasy really well together.  Wasn’t to sure when this movie would be out on Blu-ray/DVD.  Turns out every soon.  It will be out on digital platforms on October 17, 2017.  The on disc October 31.  Will be back with a review when I get to see it.

The Dark Tower Book Series

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The _Dark_Tower_The_GunslingerThere is a lot of TV shows and movies based of books and comics.  There is a cool looking movie out soon (August 4, 2017) called The Dark Tower.  Have all ready blog about this before.  Talking about it again.  Because have bought the the first book in The Dark Tower series, called The Gunslinger.  The books are written by Stephen King.  Most likely be shot for saying this but I have never read any of his books.  Have seen lots of movies based on this work.  After watching the trailer for the movie.  Looked up info on it.  It had me very interested.  Very time there is a movie coming out soon based on books you will all ways find copies going cheap.  Seen a bunch of copies at Walmart so bought one.  Haven’t started to read it yet.  But think I will like it a lot.

The Dark Tower Trailer

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The_Dark_TowerHave another trailer to share.  This ones is for The Dark Tower movie.  This movie has been in the works for a every long time.  The story is base off a series of book written by Stephen King.  There are seven (so far) books in this series.  What makes these stories standout.  It mixes different styles.  There is fantasy, western and sci fi all into one.  Have heard great things about the books.  Will have to put them on my list.  From the trailer > here or below.  The movie looks pretty awesome.  It will be out August 4, 2017.

Stephen King’s It Review

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It Watched Stephen King’s It yesterday.  You might be thinking why are you reviewing a 20 year old made of TV movie.  Well a few days back got into a conversation about movies that freaked us out when we were kids.  I was 12 or 13 when this first aired.  There was one scene that I remember that freaked me out.  It was then the kid was taking a shower and you see a hands come out of the drain.  The drain peels back and the clown pops up.  When I saw it again I had a laugh.  The hands coming out of the drain was fine.  But when it peels back it was very bad stop motion.

If you have never seen this you are not missing much.  There are some very creepy parts with the clown.  But the movie drags a lot in the last half of the movie.  It is a very old made for TV movie so some of it doesn’t hold up that well.

2 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)