Borderlands 2 Update

Have had put some time into Borderlands 2.  So it is time to give a mini review.  First off while the game might look like the first one but it is so much better.  Did like the first game a lot but I am enjoying this one so much more.  Once you get up past level 5 things get even better.  That’s when you get to unlock all kinds of good stuff.  Then when you get to the hub city the game gives you lots to do.   And the best part it is very funny.  Claptrap is the best.  At one point after a mission he sends you on.  You can go back and talk to him and there is an option to give him a high five.  Did this, Claptrap sticks up his arm and says, “you eared it buddy.”  I  cracked up.  So far I recommend buying this game to any one on the fence about buying it.

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