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Under The Dome: Season 3 Review

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UnderTheDome.jpgThis past Thursday (September 10, 2015) marked the end of season three and an ended to the TV series Under The Dome.   Enjoyed watching this show from day one.  Even when it was silly or didn’t make much sense.  The third season was the best.   Which is because it was more focus to the main characters.  Not trying to do to much side crazy things the did in the first two seasons.  You still suspend my disbelief a bit.  But that is what makes good science fiction TV shows.  Was sad to see the show ended.  At lest it got to have a good ending to wrap things up.  Some shows ever get to that.

The the last episode did a really good job of warping up all the events that took place.  All so leaving it open for more episodes as well.  But that not going to happen since the show was cancelled.  Would love to see more.  May be a new show title with the same characters.  Out of all three season, the third is the best.  Enjoyed watching all the episodes.  Even if it was silly or didn’t make sense at times.  If you never seen any.  It is well worth your time to check out.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Under The Dome: Season 3

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UnderTheDome.jpgThe third season of Under The Dome is a little more than half way though.  So far it has been the best season yet.  They are doing what I hoped they would do.  Which was bring more focus to the main characters and not got off on these wild side stories that lead know were.  The only problem I have with the show from the first to this season is the time line.  At the opening credits they as has only been three weeks since the dome came down.  I can suspend my disbelief with a lot.  But there is know way all the craziness that happened in three weeks.   With that been said I will be still watching because it is a great summer show.

Under The Dome: Season 3

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UnderTheDome.jpgThis past Thursday (June 25, 2015) the third season of Under The Dome with a two hour premiered.  There are some changes this year.  First off the show will air on Thursdays.  Which I think is a good move.  All so there is a new show runner this season.  So I am hoping this will flow much better.  The past season was all over the map.  Which didn’t really good until the last few episodes.  Which ended with a big cliff-hanger.

The show picked right up right were the second ended.  Which was good.  Then this got a little weird which keep you listened to see what will happen next.  Then finally got some real answers had the dome is run. Well some what because some more interesting stuff happened.  Not sure how the rest of the season is going to play out.  If it keeps on track from what I seen in the premiere it will be the best season.

Under The Dome: Season 3 Trailer

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UnderTheDome.jpgThe big summer TV show, Under The Dome is coming back June 25, 2015 with season three.  Season two ended with a big cliff-hanger.  So it will be nice to find out what happens.  Kind of forget what happened last season.  Just remember the first half wasn’t the great.  But the last five or so episodes were pretty good.  There is a teaser trailer out for season three which you can watch > here or below.  I will be watching.  Just hope it the whole season is all around better.