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Video Game Remakes And Remasters

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There has been a lot of remakes and remastered games over the past few years.  Got thinking of one that should be made.  That is for the game DeathSpank.  I have on my PS3.  Which I do believe I bought off the PSN in 2010.  Remember having lots of fun playing this action RPG that had lots of great comedy.  Just looked up some gameplay.  It’s a bit dated.  So that is why I think it would be great for a remake or remaster.  Know I can buy it on Steam but think it best played on a console.  Thinking I might just hook up the PS3 and give it a go.

The Baconing Demo

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TheBaconing The full game and demo are now out for The Baconing.  This is the third game to feature DeathSpank.  Loved the first game a lot.  Played the demo and ended up buying the game.  That is how much I liked.  Was going to buy the second game, DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue but I am waiting for a price drop.  Now a third game is out.  From the demo it is pretty much the same game.  This one has a sci-fi thing going with the look and the jokes.  These game are very funny.  All so fun to play.  Don’t think I will be buying it unless there is a price drop since it is pretty much the same game play just more of it.

DeathSpank: Thongs Of Virtue Demo

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Gave the DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue demo a try today.  Wanted to see what was different from the first DeathSpank game.  It plays the same, looks just as good they just added more to it.  All so add guns as well.  It is more of the same with is great since the first game is awesome.  I can see myself buy this one too.  This is how a download game should be made.  Pick up and play fun with lots to do for a good price.

DeathSpank Review

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I finished DeathSpank last night. I really enjoyed this downloadable game.  Its a mix of action/rpg game with lots of funny moments.  The game is easy to pick up and play.  Like most rpg’s you can get all kinds of different magic and potions.  But is is not so hardcore that it becomes un-fun.  It took me about 11 hours to finish it.  It might of took me longer if I played on a different difficulty  level.  None the else it was well worth the money.

This game is well worth the money and the space on your hard drive.  If you ever looking to buy a downloadable game get this one for sure.

5 out of 5 GT  (GT = Good Times)

DeathSpank: Thongs Of Virtue

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DeathSpank-ToV Yep, there is a new DeathSpank game coming out.  This one is called Thongs of Virtue. It will be out soon too, September 21, 2010 soon.  This is quick since the first game came out back in July.  I bought the game in mid August and love it.  It is a blast to play and it looks great.  This new game they say will be bigger and better.  They all ways say that.  I love the first one so much might just buy this new one.  But I think I will wait a few months or may be when it goes on sale price.


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I picked up DeathSpank the other day.  Well I should say I download it the other day.  Used a PSN card to buy it.  Looked every were for a card and could not find one.  Had to got to Future Shop to get one.

Loved the demo that much I had to buy the full game.  This game is a blast to play.  It is a light action RPG mixed with some hack and slash.  It easy to pick up and play but has puzzles that will get you thinking.  They give you hints by finding fortune cookies.  Have only used one so far.  The game is all so very funny.  The stuff the people say will crack you up.  Even the missions can be pretty funny as well.  I think I put a little over an hour into and love very second of it.  I would recommend this game to every one.  Will have a full review at some point.

DeathSpank Demo

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DeathSpank I have been hearing all kinds of good things about the download only game DeathSpank.  So I gave the demo a try.  Well it is pretty sweet.  It is a fun hack and slash/light rpg.  The game has very cool art style and it is a very funny as well.  I just might pick this one up.  I say give the demo a try, you might like it.  I do believe the full game cost round $15.