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Retro City Rampage Demo

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RetroCityRampage Gave the demo a try for the downloadable game Retro City Rampage.  It looks like an 8-bit GTA.  But it is more than that.  It is more of a spoof of other games and pop culture.  The game has been getting some good reviews.  So I was thinking the demo might be good.  I was very disappointed.  They give you only one option to try.  Which is part of the story mode.  It was over way to fast.  The controls didn’t feel right.  Also wasn’t very fun.  May be the full game is fun.  But the demo does a poor job of selling itself.

Burnout Crash! Demo

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BurnoutCrash Now that Burnout Crash! is out now for downloads gave the demo a try.  The game looks like a fun little title build into the Burnout world.  Going to come out and say it.  This has be the lamest demo I have every tried.  You get to play one car in one mode on one stage.  At first it is fine to unlock things most games do this.  After finishing the first stage it said I unlocked the next stage and the two other game modes.  Went to try these other modes and it said you need to buy the full game, lame.  At lest they should have let you try the other two modes on the first stage at lest.

The Baconing Demo

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TheBaconing The full game and demo are now out for The Baconing.  This is the third game to feature DeathSpank.  Loved the first game a lot.  Played the demo and ended up buying the game.  That is how much I liked.  Was going to buy the second game, DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue but I am waiting for a price drop.  Now a third game is out.  From the demo it is pretty much the same game.  This one has a sci-fi thing going with the look and the jokes.  These game are very funny.  All so fun to play.  Don’t think I will be buying it unless there is a price drop since it is pretty much the same game play just more of it.

Driver: San Francisco Demo

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DriverSF Gave the Driver: San Francisco demo a try.  The big hook with this game is you can “shift”.  Not shifting gears but shifting from person to person.  You will be driving in your car then shift to another driver to take over their car.  In the demo you can try three missions that show this off.  Prove It: has you try to prove to your partner that you have this ability.  Team Colors: has you racing in two cars to get first and second place in a race.  Escapist:  you are running from the cops to get some guy to his destinations.

Graphically the game is awesome looks.  It has real life cars that look all most real.  The city is big with lots of places to drive. (only a small part in the demo).  What I didn’t like was the controls and it has time limits.  On of my biggest video game pet peeves are time limits.  The game does look promising but I don’t think it will be a buy.  With so many other good games coming out.  This one might be lost in the shuffle.

WWE All Stars Demo

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WweAllStars Gave the demo for WWE All Stars.  This is the newest in game in the WWE’s over the top arcaded wresting games.   The game will be a mix of old and new superstars.  What is cool is that Macho Man is in it.  I do believe this is the first time he has been in a video game.  The demo is pretty basic.  They give you one match type and two wresters to choose from, Rey Mysterio and Ultimate Warrior.  The game is lets you pull of some crazy moves very easily.  There are lots of combs for the diehards.  But I think that the game will be easy to pick up and play.  It will be out March 29, 2011.

Crysis 2 Multiplayer Demo

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Crysis2 Gave the multiplayer demo for Crysis 2 a go.  There has been some talk about how that is doesn’t look as the as different version.  Well they are wrong.  This demo looks awesome.  The two levels you get to play in are so good looking.  There is lots of detail, lots of stuff to look at.  The water looks real, which you can swim in by the way.  What I liked about the levels were they were not flat.  The buildings have multiple levels.  Some of the walk ways are broken down or on a slant.

As for game play.  Like most all multiplayer game now a days you get xp to upgrade stuff.  In the game you up grade you suit.  Forget at the moment what all the suit can do but one is remember is you can turn invisible.  Would like to try the single player out.  There will be a demo of for that some time soon for the PS3.  The game will be out March 22, 2011 or March 31 if you look on Amazon.

Mortal Kombat Demo

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MortalKombat Gave the demo for Mortal Kombat a try.  This is the newest game in the series.  Just like the old games from back in the day it has the same feel.  It looks really good.  All the characters look nice and detailed.  Not a big fight game fan.  Don’t think this game will change my mind.  However this is a great fight game form what I can tell from the demo.  There are four characters you can try, Scorpion, Sub Zero, Mileena and Johnny Cage.  Gave Sub Zero a try.  The demo lets you fight the other three demo characters in two different levels.  After watching the video at the end of the demo all the crazy over top stuff Mortal Kombat if famous for is back.  There all so seems to be a bunch of mini type games in there as well.

Killzone 3 Demo

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Killzone3 Gave the new single player demo of Killzone 3 a try last night.  I do own Killzone 2 and the controls in part three are much better, a lot smoother.  The game looks great, sounds great.  The demo is pretty long as well.  They give you lots of different weapons to try out.  They all so look great and sound awesome.  Like part two it seems like the bad guys take a lot to put down even when I was playing on the easy mode.

I did try the multiplayer beta.  Should rephrase that I try to get the multiplayer beta to work.  Try two different time to log in and see what it was like but couldn’t get in.  One good thing was they have a bot mode.  Gave that a try.  It works pretty much like part two’s multiplayer.  The game keeps going switching between the different modes as one team wins each round.

Not sure if I will pick this one up.  Might just wait till it comes down in price.  I know it will be a great game.  Just not sure how long it I would keep playing it.

Bulletstorm Demo

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Bulletstorm Gave the Bulletstorm demo a try.  If you seen any of the trailers it looks exciting, may be even some fun.  Well I didn’t have any fun.  It was boring.  It might have a few new tricks added to a FPS but it is not fun.  From the demo it felt like a standard closed in corridor FPS sprinkled with some over the top stuff.  I do enjoy a good FPS but will not be picking this one up.  It seems like a one trick pony.

LittleBigPlanet 2 Demo

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LittleBigPlanet2 Gave the LittleBigPlanet 2 demo a whirl.  It has all the charm of the first game. Plays pretty much like the first game as well.  How ever the movement feels improved.  There are three levels to try.  The first one is a race/platformer.  The next one is a platfomer as well but this one you get to ride different animal things.  That do help you though the level with different powers.   The three level is a two player/shooting thing.  Not sure what the goal is since it was only me playing.   Pretty sure if you loved the first game to death you will be getting this one.  Since the customization is 1000 times bigger.