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Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time

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When Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time came out back in 2020 it has been on my to buy list.  Just never got around to it.  Has happy to hear it is one of the July (2022) PlayStation Plus games.  So downloaded it right way.  It has the same gameplay we all know and love.  However with much needed modern touches as well.  The feature I like the most is.  There are no set number of lives.  When you die and you will, it starts you back at the last checkpoint.  With fast load times.  You can change this at anytime to have the old school set number.  So far have played four levels.  Liking what I am seeing and playing.  Even if I did die 13 times in the third level.

Days Of Play 2022

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Forgot to talking about this.  A few days ago (May 25, 2022) the PlayStation Day of Play started.   They are having a sale in the PS Store as well as their mech store.  In past years other retailers would get into as well.  Not sure if that is happing.  The next time I am out will take a look around Walmart.  Would really like to the a new controller.  Don’t really want to play full price.  You can see the blog post > here.  The event ends on June 8, 2022.

All-New PlayStation Plus

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There has been rumours for a few weeks now that Sony would put out a new service to compete with Xbox Game Pass.  Well today (March 29, 2022) they put out a post on their blog going over it.   Which you can read > here.  This new PlayStation Plus will have three options.  The first is what PlayStation Plus is now but with a new name, PlayStation Plus Essential.  The next tier is called PlayStation Plus Extra.  Is the essential tier, with about 400 PS4 and PS5 games to play.  The third and most expensive is called PlayStation Plus Premium.  This has what other two have.  Then add PS3 game though streaming.  The biggest thing it has PlayStation, PS2 and PSP games.  This all sounds good but think that it will be out of my price range.  In that post the don’t say the Canadian prices.  The US price for the last tier is $120.00 a  year.  So guessing that will be about $150.00 or more here.  These new options will launch in June (2022).  But then there will more news and lots of videos talking about it.

DiRT 5 Another Update

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Yet, another post talking about DiRT 5.  At this point have put in about seven hours.  While I like the game am starting to get a bit bored with it all ready.  Have been playing the career mode.  There is lot of variety with the vehicles.  However all the races seem to play out the same.  Have reach a point were the races become to tuff so I had to lower the difficultly.  Going to keep picking at it and only do a few races at a time.  Unlike there other DiRT games don’t feel compelled to keep going.

DiRT 5 Hands On Update

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Have put some more time into DiRT 5.   From what I have played am liking it very much.  There seems to be lots of variety with the types of vehicles mixed over different race types.  That is were I ran into some trouble.  Some of the races had no problem winning the first time out.  The other not so much.  Think that is because of the vehicle type.  Those are Super Lites and Sprint.  They were all over the track and couldn’t get them under control.  Luckily you don’t have to do those races if you don’t want to.  One race type took me my surprise is, Rock Bouncer.  You drive a rock crawler over a timed track.  Was very fun and looking forward to trying more.  If you are a PlayStation Plus members for January 2022.  It is well worth the download.

DiRT 5 Hands On

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Am a big fan of the DiRT series but haven’t gotten my hands on DiRT 5.  Well we got lucky because it is one of the games for PlayStation Plus members for January 2022.   Most times I just add these games to my list and never download any.  This one I did right way.  All so like the fact they are giving the PS4 and PS5 version out.  So when that day I do mange to get my hands on PS5 will have a better looking version.  Not like the PS4 is bad looking, it’s amazing.  So far from what I have played, have been having lots of fun.

PlayStation Plus Membership Renewal

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PlaystationPlus.jpgFor many years now I renew my PlayStation Plus membership during PlayStation Days of Play event.  They have 25% off most years.  For some reason I never seen it advertised any were that they would be doing it this years (2021).  So logged on to the PlayStation Store just to see.  Turns out they are running the sale.  It goes from June 1 to 10, 2021.  For with the 25% off it comes to (rounding up) $53.00.  So after work I picked up a $50 PlayStation card.  Still have some money on my account.   Now my membership is good until June 2023.

Days Of Play 2021

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Days_Of_Play_2018.pngThe PlayStation Days of Play is coming back again this year.  It is all so going by a different name in spots, PlayStation Player Celebration.  They did this is that past as well.  it is a event you sign up for with you ID.  The goal is to from everyone to join in getting hours played and trophies.  When each it unlocks prizes of themes and avatars.  There will be three stages.   You have now (May 11, 202) to the 31 to sign up.  You can read more about it > here.

As for the Day of Play part.  The will be sales on game and other products.  There is not date yet.  They say it will kick off later in the month.  I do hope PlayStation Plus goes on sale.  As well as controllers.  Wanted to  get one last year but they never went on sale here.  May be there will be a few games on list going cheap as well.  We will find out soon.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

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Fall_Guys_Ultimate_KnockoutOne of the free PlayStation Plus game for August 2020 is Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.  Seen a much of people talking about it so gave it a try.  The file size is pretty small, just under 4GBs.  You play as little bean like thing.  They you and 59 others try to make it over, under and past crazy obstacles.  It is a battle royale game.  With the twist of being like the TV shows Wipeout or MXC.  Gave it a try for two rounds.  The first time didn’t get very far. The second got a bit farther.  Going to give it another try.  I wouldn’t have pay money for it.  However would have it had four player couch co-op.

Days Of Play 2020

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Good news to share PlayStation’s Days of Play is coming back this year.  From June 3 to 17, 2020 there will be some great deals to be had.  So if you are looking at getting a new controller or some PlayStation Hits game now is the time.  Would like to get another controller.  But first I will get extending my PlayStation Plus membership.  12 months will be 30% off.  Did that last year as well.