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PlayStation Plus Service Change

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There is a change coming to PlayStation Plus next year.  For the longest time now if you are a member.  There is a new list of games each month you can download to each of the PlayStation platforms, PS4, PS3 and Vita.  The other day received an email and they all so made a statement in the blog post announcing the list for March 2018.  Which you can read > here.

Starting next year (March 2019) they will focusing on the PS4.  So there will be no games for PS3 and Vita to download.  That being said any games you all ready downloaded or add to your library can still be played.  Provided you are still a member.


Play DOOM For Free This Weekend On PS4

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DOOM_2016If you are a PlayStation Plus member have some cool news to share.  From July 27 to 31, 2017 you can download and play the full 2016 version of DOOM.  The website says the file size is 47GB.  But it is more likely a lot bigger than that.  So if you have the hard drive space and time.  Think it would be well worth it.  Have heard lots of great things about this game.  Might just give it a try.  All so if you like it.  It is still on sale until August 16, 2017.  You can more about it on the PlayStation store’s game page > here.

PlayStation Plus Membership Renewal

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Back in September 2016 membership for a full year of PlayStation Plus here in Canada went up to $70.  Before that came it to effect renewed membership so I was good until June 2018.

The past few days PlayStation has been running a sale both in stores and online called Days of Play.  From June 9 to 17 they are all some great deals to be had.  One of them was PlayStation Plus going for it original price of $50 (on the PlayStation Store).  So I had to take advantage of that.  Which means I am good until June 2019 now.  If you are reading this today (June 12, 2017) there is still time get the deal for yourself.  It ends on the 16th.

PlayStation Plus Membership Price Increasing

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PlaystationPlus.jpgIf you are a PlayStation Plus member you most likely know by now that the price is going up.  By a lot starting September 22, 2016.  They posted a statement > here.  You all would have received an email as well.   Start on that date a years membership will be $70 (Canadian money).   That is up from $50.

To get around this bought a new one year card. Added that to my account.  Which extends my membership by another year.  So that way  I will not have to worry about it until 2018.  I know this price increase has pissed off a lot of people.  Can see a lot of them not renewing.   If you are one of them make sure you have auto renewal in your account settings.

PlayStation Plus Subscription Price Increasing

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PlaystationPlus.jpgHave just read some very bad news.  Which has me pissed off.  The price of the PlayStation Plus membership is increasing by a lot.  Am very aware the prices are all ways going up.  However the price increase for a years membership is crazy.  Starting September 22, 2016 a years membership will be $70 (Canadian money).  That is a twenty dollar increase.  Which is ridicules.  The other plans are going up as well.  The three month plan will be $30, used to be $18.  The one month plan will be $12, used to be $10.

Of course they put a stupid statement, “The new pricing reflects the current market conditions while enabling us to continue providing exceptional value to our members.”   You can read the full post > here.  Am not very happy about this.  Pretty sure there will be a lot of people will not be renewing there membership.

Am thinking I might just buy another years membership while it is sill $50 and just had it to my account.  That way I will not have to worry about it again until 2018.

PlayStation Plus Renewal

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PlayStationPlusCard.jpgA few days back while play a game. Receive a pop notice from PlayStation, saying PlayStation Plus membership would be up in seven days. Unlike last year when I wait to the last minute. This time picked up a new card the next day at work. You can buy these cards pretty much any were now. I know $50 seems like a lot but it covers a full year. The perks it gives is well worth the money. This past year there has been may awesome games free for members.


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BroforceOne of the free games for PlayStation Plus members in March (2016) was Broforce.   Back then didn’t try it out. But to put in on my library list.  A few nights ago while at game night.  A friend had it on his PS4 so four of us gave it a go.  It was pure chaos.  It is hard to describe this game.  It is like your standard 8-bit platformer. However it big on the action and the destruction.   The best part is the characters.  They are mostly based off 80’s and 90’s movie action heroes.  You can tell who they are.  The kicker is how they are named.  Everyone’s name has bro in it.  For example RoboCop is called Brobocop.  It is pretty fun.  The game is over the top.  When playing with four people there is some stuff happening on screen you don’t know what to do.  Just might give it a download to see how it plays with one person.