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Wall-E Foldable (Print-in-place Articulated)

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Wall-E_FoldablePeople over at have put out another free awesome 3D file to print.  It is Wall-E, which you can see > here.  The fact that it’s print in place and articulating is even better.  In their version they use different colour PLA.  I only have black.  So when I do get around to printing this, will just paint the parts.

Robocop Statue Update

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The 3D printed Robocop statue, > here over at, I am working on is coming together nicely.  All the parts printed so far have turned out really good.  There are only two left to print, the legs.  These will take just under eight hours each.  Not sure if I will print them separate or together.  Going to play around with the slicing program to see which might be better.  After I get all the parts done.  Going to do some test fitting.  There might be some light sanding to do.  Then will glue the pieces and the paint.

Robocop Statue

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A few posts back talked about the 3D printable Robocop statue > here over at  Well I have start to print the parts.  First part was his head.  This come in two sections, which you glue together.  With some past prints was having some trouble with some lifting of the build plate.  Looked into some was to fix that.  So have have upped the temperature on the build plate.  Slowed the print speed down and them add a raft to the parts.  Hopefully this will help.  Will be back with more update along the way.

[Update] Upping the temperature and adding the raft helped.  So the slowing the seed down as improved the look of the parts.

Robocop Statuette 1/6 scale

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Robocop_Statuette_1-6_ScaleKeep find awesome things to 3D print.  This time it is a Robocop statue.  What makes this one stand out from other models like is.  It comes in individual parts to print.  Then glue together.  Think it is super awesome.  You can see it > here over at  The site says you don’t need to add supports.  This could be true for most of the parts. Just not sure about the legs.  Going to give this one a try since I can each piece will not talk long to print.  So I can do this over many days.  If it turns out ok, will see if I can make it bigger.

Zombie Kit Card

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Zombie_Kit_CardHave made many posts about 3D print projects I want and or planning to make.  In my last post on this topic, talked about a Star Wars Kit Card.  This one > here.  Well got thinking what other kit card projects are out there.  Took a look on and they at lots.  Then I seen one that caught my eye.  A zombie kit card  > here.  It a simple file but cool at the same time.  It’s pretty small so it wouldn’t  take long to print.  So downloaded it and printed it.  Took a bit over a half hour.  It turned out great.  So now planning on making a few more to pass out to some friends.

Star Wars BD-1 Droid Kit Card

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Star_Wars_BD-1_Droid_Kit_CardHave mentioned a few times in this blog that I am not the biggest Star Wars fan.  But when I seen this 3D file, Star Wars BD-1 Droid kit card,  I had to talk about it.  Saw in this 3D Printing Nerd’s video > here.  The idea of these kit card is very cool.  They are just like model car or plane kits you buy, paint and put together.  Have downloaded the file.  It will take about 12 hours to print.  So will have to do that on my day off.  I like to be home when 3D printing things, just to keep an eye on it.

Elegoo Neptune 2

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This coming June (2022) have had my Elegoo Neptune 2 FDM 3D Printer for a year.  While I haven’t printed much in the past few weeks.  Still very happy with it.  Talking about is because you can’t buy this model any more.  A little while after it was out they put an upgraded model, Neptune 2S.  This is the same with improvements.  A few days ago seem some 3D printing YouTuber’s have been teasing a new model, Neptune 3.  As of typing this (May 23, 2022) there is no info out yet.  Will be keeping my eye on it.  Want to see what the differences are.

[Update]  They put out info on the Neptune 3.  You can see it  > here.  Looks like they did lot of improvements.  Easy to assemble and has auto bed leveling.  At the time of this typed update (May 28, 2020.  They are asking $267.13 Canadian.  That is a super good deal.

Bob Belcher 3D Printing Figurine

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Bob_Belcher_3D_Printing_FigurineIt has been a long time since I took a look at the 3D file site   This site sells high-end models.  From what I have read each one comes with STL’s for FDM or resign printers.  There is an awesome model on there I am super tempted to buy.  It is a Bob Belcher.  Which you can see > here.  At the time of typing this (May 17, 2022) they are asking $20.  Am a very big fan of Bob’s Burgers.  All so check wait to see the movie, which is out soon.

Hexwall – Batman Tile

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Hexwall_Batman_TileHave found another Batman related 3D file I would like to print.  It is a hex-wall tile with a silhouette of Batman in the middle.  The person that made this designed it to be used with colour swapping some printers have.  While I don’t have that but it would be simple to paint.  You can check it out > here.  Will be adding this to my very long list of projects.

Tie Fighter Outland – Fab365

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Tie_Fighter_OutlandIt has been many moths since I checked out the 3D file site   They have lots of great models that print without supports and fold together.  While I am not a big Star Wars fan they did put out a Tie Fighter model.  It was to celebrate Star Wars day (May 4).  The best part is it’s free.  You can check it out > here.  Think I will add this to my very growing long to print list.