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Red Dead Online Gone Standalone

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Have some more Rockstar Games news to share.  Red Dead Online has gone standalone.  You can read the official post > here.   Starting December 1, 2020 you be able to just buy the Online part of the game on the online stores.  It will be going pretty cheap, $5.00, but only for a short time.  It will go back to it’s regular price ($20.00) February 21, 2021.  Think this is an awesome idea.  Just know it they will be sell a lot of copies come this Christmas.  They are going to be doing something like this for GTA Online as well at some point.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Two Years Later

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It is a bit hard to believe that Red Dead Redemption 2 has been out for two years now.  Remember being so hyped to play this game.  Sadly I have yet to finish it.  Played a bunch of the online but haven’t touched that in a very long time.  With a lot of new games and ones that are all ready out just might not get around to it.  Would very much like too since it an an amazing game.  If you haven’t tried it yourself yet.  It can be found very cheaply.  Worth every penny.

Red Dead Online Roll Update Hands On

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The new update for Red Dead Online came out this past Tuesday (September 10, 2019).  Have been looking forward to trying out the new Rolls since they first announced it weeks ago.  The one I wanted to try first is the Collector.  I found the 54 hidden playing cards in GTA Online weeks ago.  But for some reason still had to pay the 15 gold bars to start up the Roll.  Turns out I got an item to start the roll.  To start they give you a free map. Which show three items to collect.  When you bring them back you can sell them or not.  It is best to hang on to them until you get a full set of each type of items.  In the long run you will get more money.  Then you can buy another map which shows three more items.  You can only use one map at a time and each costs a different amount.  For far went though three maps.  This roll is more of take your time and in the long run will get lots of money.  But you still need to be doing other things to make money along the way.  Not sure if will keep playing.  Might try another roll along with this one.  Just need to make some more gold first.

Red Dead Online New Update September 10

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Back at the beginning of August (2019) they announced there was a big new update coming to Red Dead Online.  This main things being add are three new Roles, Bounty Hunter, Trader and Collector.  Over at the Rock Star Games Newswire the have a post > here, breaking down how it all works.  It all sounds very cool.  They are add and fix a lot more too.  Near the top of the article they talk about dramatic improvement to player control.  The Role I want to try first in the Collector.  To get this started you need to acquire the Collector’s Bag which costs 15 gold bars.  However if you have found the 54 hidden playing cards in GTA Online you get the bag for free.  I did that weeks ago.  Glad I did now.  Looking forward to seeing how this all works.  Will find out very soon.

Red Dead Online New Update Soon

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Over the months since Red Dead Online was out.  They have been fix and adding stuff all the time.  They have talked about a big new update coming soon a few times.  They have talked about it again in a new blog post > here.  The thing that stands out for me is the they are adding “specialist roles”.  There will be three to start, Bounty Hunter, Trader and Collector.

Bounty Hunter for a life of constant action on both sides of the law. A licensed Bounty Hunter can track down targets and capture – or kill, depending on how honorable you are in your pursuits. Occasionally, a nearby player with a high enough bounty can also be a designated target. Progression will unlock special items like a reinforced lasso for extra-tough targets, as well as intricate gun-spinning tricks and advanced tracking skills like the ability to use Eagle-Eye while sprinting, galloping on horseback and many other special skills, items and upgrades.

Trader is perfect for burgeoning capitalists as you establish and develop a business from your Camp. Thanks to your trusty companion Cripps’ knowledge of furs, skins and butchery, you’ll be able to take on new opportunities to collect materials and produce valuable goods to sell. Increasing your skill as a Trader unlocks the ability to upgrade your Camp with a Weapons Locker, Stew Pot and even allow any canine companion to warn of impending attacks on the camp. As your business expands, you can gain new skills, improve your satchel or add new assets to your business like hunting wagons to bring in bigger hauls and much more.

Collector loves to explore the world for rare and valuable items. Look for a mystic travelling saleswoman in the wild to  get started down the Collector’s path, searching for lost jewelry, rare arrowheads and other treasures to sell as individual pieces or highly valuable sets. As you progress, you will gain access to tools that help your search including Refined Binoculars, a Horse Lantern and even a Metal Detector, as well as gaining additional skills to help you seek and discover the world’s greatest rarities.

There will be more with the update as well.  Just read the link above.  Think this roles are a very cool idea.  With the Trader like the idea of setting up a business in your camp.  But think I will try the Collector out first.  Do like exploring the Red Dead map.  There are still many spots I haven’t been to yet.  Will be back with another post when this update is out.

Red Dead Online

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Now that Red Dead Online is out of beta gave it a go.  Didn’t try all of what they add yet.  The few things I did look at are good.  First tired out the Defensive option.  This is were you can play the game at you own pace with out having to deal with the PvP stuff.  Other players can’t kill you easily.  And if they do they are penalties via the Hostility system.  No one bother with me.  Mostly think that was because were I was not there weren’t many people around.  With have to try this again in more populated area.   Next bought the LeMat Revolver.  This revolver has an alt firing mode.  Which shoots a shotgun shell.  Pretty cool.  After that my brother and I gave poker a try.  Well we tired to.  We ended up have to play against each other because they will not let you play if you are using party chat.  Guess this is a way to prevent people from cheating.  After that tried out some of the daily challenges.  Some are easier than others.  It is a good way to get XP.  Each one completed gives you 200xp.  If you do them all you get an extra bonus.  Did have some fun.  Will have give the story missions a try next.

Red Dead Online Update

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Red_Dead_OnlineSome big news to share about Red Dead Online.  Yesterday (May 14, 2019) they announced the game is no longer in beta and have a big update.  Along with that they had a ton of fix for bugs.  As well a lots of new stuff.  The will be more coop story missions, free roam missions, dynamic events and poker.  There is more of course like clothes and weapons.  The biggest thing for me that what they are calling Playing Styles in now in the game. The two modes are Offensive and Defensive.  Offensive is what the game is at default.  Were everything goes  The Defensive is were you can play the game at you own pace with out having to deal with the PvP stuff.  So if you like hunting, fishing and exploring.  Griefers will have a hard time trying to kill you.  If some one does attack you they will, “receive hefty penalties via the Hostility system”.  However if you start at fight you are pulled out of defensive mode and get penalties.  There is more to all this big update.  You can read all the details > here.  Has been awhile since I played some Red Dead Online.  Need to out this defensive mode.  They put out a new trailer to go along with this.  Which you can see > here or below.

Red Dead Online Beta Update

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There was a big update out for Red Dead Online on February 26, 2019.   It is not just gameplay balances.  They are adding all kinds of new stuff like weapons and cloths.  There will gameplay modes and challenges.  One that caught my eye is the competitive fishing.  If you choose to take part the game gives you all the gear you will need.  Just need to go to the right body of water.  To win you have to have the highest weight total in fish caught.  All so other players can’t shoot you.   Which is nice to have.  You can see all what will be add at the RockStar Games official post > here.

[Update] Tired out some of this.  The game does seem run better.  They added daily challenges.  There were seven to do.  Some of them seemed silly while others seemed to hard.  One was to eat five fresh produce.   While one had you shoot five players from a moving train.  Forget what the others were.  Did do the eat the fresh produce.  Which gave me 200XP and 0.01 gold.

Red Dead Online Beta Update

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The time I have spent in the Red Dead Online Beta has been fun.  Sure like every online game there are people who just go around killing you over an over again.  This game it’s pretty easy to get away from them.  In the future it will be a lot better.  On January 10, 2019 RockStar Games put out a new update the online beta.  This added a new game mode called Gun Rush.  Basically it is a battle royal mode.  It looks fine but haven’t tried it yet.  What has me more interested is what they are planning for the future.  You can read their News Wire post > here.   To combat people being jerks they are changing the parley system.  This will let you more quickly avoid aggressive players.  They will be all so changing the player map blips.  It will be hard to find you on the map.  Unless you are a jerk.  Your blip will get darker and people will be able to see you farther way.  Of course there will be lots more to come.  Will keep play for sure.

Red Dead Online Beta Hands On

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Have been playing some of the Red Dead Online Beta.  Have tried it by my self and with two others.  There has been some problems.  It is a beta after all.  They have these to fix the bugs.  The game has crashed a few times for all of us or we would just be kicked off line.  With that out of the way.  Did have some fun.  Played some of the story missions.  They were really good.  I hope the add more to the full online mode.  Another thing I want to talk about is the gameplay.  It works much like the main game.  Have played hundreds of hours of GTA Online.  So during the mission would play it like its that game.  Didn’t work out so good.  You need to take your time.  Plan each shot.  This makes it more fun.  Hunting is all so in the online mode.  From what I have read there are 100 animals.  Each can be killed and sold for money.  This is the best way to make to get money.  Not sure when the game will be out of beta.  But do know there will be some updates this week and next.