Saints Row: The Third

Have put about seven hours of play in to Saints Row: The Third.  It is very silly and over the top but that makes it all the more fun to play.  The first bunch of missions are like a tutorial but don’t play like a standard video game tutorial because there is story along with them.  Being an open world game there are so may side distractions.  Spent most of the time doing this since the are fun too.  Another thing about those is they give you rewards for doing these as well.  Like most game now a days you can upgrade your player.  For doing missions or side stuff you get respect and money (all so get money from owning buildings).  Respect unlocks upgrades/perks which you buy with the money.

So far I am having a blast playing this game.  If you are looking for and open world game give this one a try.  It can be found pretty cheap.  I paid $40, well worth the price.

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