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Big Brother 14

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Think there is about two or a bit less weeks left for Big Brother 14.  They are down to five people.  Not sure who will win.  But I would like to seen Ian win.  Just as long as Dan doesn’t win.  He is a great player just don’t want to see him win.  Would be nice to have a new player win.  So far this season is pretty good.  Every one is pretty level headed.  While here was some fighting nothing compared to other seasons.  One think that is good about Big Brother ending is that means Survivor is going to start.

Big Brother 14

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The first episode of season 14 of Big Brother aired last night (July 12, 2012).  I am liking the changes they made.  The idea of four past players coming back as coaches was a nice touch.  Even happier that it wasn’t Rachel one of them.  Another thing that was interesting was the players didn’t get keys.  So during the competition the losing teams coach had to pick one person from their team to be kicked out.  That was a good twist but has to suck for the lady that got kicked out.  She only got to play one day.  Not going to try and pick a winner this time around.  Have only ever managed to pick one winner out of the past 13 seasons.

Big Brother 14 Cast

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The cast list is now out om the Big Brother’s website.  One of them is Willie Hantz.  Who turns out is the brother of Russell Hantz of Survivor fame.  But one big twist is they are bringing back four players from past seasons. From the website, “For the first time in history of Big Brother,  four of the most successful players will return to play their own game for their own separate prize.”  Under that they have a list of faces you can choose who you thing will be back.  This is interesting until I seen one face, Rachel.  Said it before if she comes back I can see myself not watching the show.  Will find out July 12, 2012.

Big Brother 14

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A little more than two weeks and Big Brother 14 will start.  July 12 will be they day.  This is a later start date than the last few season.  Hard to believe this show has been on the air for fourteen years.  Not much info has been released.  The only thing I heard it was going to be a “supersize season” they will have more houseguest starting.  Pretty sure there will be a bunch of twist to shake things up.  All so think the air dates will be the same, Sundays, Wednesdays and the live show Thursdays.  My big wish is they don’t bring back past players again to play.  If I see that Rachel one any more I just might not watch the show at all.