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Cataloguing Video Games

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For years now have wanted to catalog my video games.  It was back in 2018 started adding my PlayStation original games on the website,, then I stopped.  Well, when I was on vacation sat down and started to catalog them all.  Went system by system.  Took a few hours but it was worth it.  Found out some interesting things.  Have 178 physical games over six systems.  The most I have for one system is the PlayStation 4, with 59.  The best part of the site it gives you an estimate how much each one is.  Was a bit surprised by which ones that would be worth a bit a money. Like Time Crisis 3 with the Guncon on the PS2, $60.00 (Canadian) and there is The Sly Collection on the PS3, $43.38.

Price Of Video Games

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It back in 2015 I had a rant about the prices of games to up to $80.00 (Canadian).  With tax were I live it comes to about $92.00.  That is a lot of money.  So I would only buy a new game may be twice a year and then wait for deals on other I want.   Well the prices are gong up yet again for the new generation.  Was looking a the Best Buy flyer.  The one that was out showing of the launch of of the new PlayStation and Xbox.  Was shocked to see some of the prices. The PS5 and Xbox Series X games are going for $90.00.  Holy shit that is way too much.  Was planning on getting a PS5 in the summer some time.  But think now I will wait for a big price drop.  In Canada the Disc version of the PS5 it $650.00.  So at that with one new games and tax it comes to about $851.00.  Think I will be sticking with what I have for now.

Video Game Back Log

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Over the years have had a few small video game back log.  This is when you have one or more games bought but haven’t played yet.  Near the end of the PS3 days had about two games in back long.  Now that a lot of PS4 games are going cheaper have been pick more up.  Right now still playing Red Dead Redemption 2.  Which I am no where close to finishing.  Once done will start into the four game in waiting.  Which are Ratchet & Clank, Final Fantasy XV, Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.  The list might grow too before I finish Red Dead 2 since I might be going after some cheap games during the Box Day sales.

Cataloguing Video Games

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Price_ChartingA few years back made a post talking about cataloguing my video games.  Never got around too it.  Until the other day when I came across a site that does it really well.  There are many out there as well as many apps.  This one is called Price  On the site you type in game title and it will show your a ball park price of that game.  Well they all so Collection Tracker.  You can type in the name or scan the barcode.  They you can add it to your collection.  It breaks the games down into each system they are for.  Once you have them entered you can add more detail like pictures and details like have the case and manual.  So far have just did my PS One games.  It works great and easy to use.  Going to add the rest of my collection.  Oh, and it gives you a estimated price of your collection.

Video Games And Headaches

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Recently got a digital copy of The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited.  Played it a few times and each time would get a headache.  I do get a lot of headaches at random times so didn’t think much about it.  Decided not play it for a few days and try again to see for sure it was the game.  Then got thinking about other games over the years that caused them.  One I know for sure is the Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition.  The camera movement was the problem for me in that game.  It would sway when the character ran.  It was the same thing in Gears of War.  Then here was a game on the Dreamcast where the light patterns hurt my heard.  Think this is the same thing happening in Tamriel Unlimited.  Have played many hours in Skyrim with no trouble. Tamriel Unlimited has pretty much the same movement but there are a lot more stuff going on screen.  It would kind of suck if I couldn’t play the game.  On the plus side didn’t pay too much for it.  If I did have it on disc would just give it to a friend.


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POLYMEGABack in February (2017) learned about a cool new device that would let you play your classic video games on new TV’s.  It was called RetroBlox.  They have since changed their name to POLYMEGA.   There are all kinds of devices that do this does. What makes this one standout.  It doesn’t emulate the games.  It reads them like the original machines do.  The other big differences is the modules.  Which they call Element Modules.  The base unit has a optical disc drive.  Which you can play PlayStation one, TurboGrafx-CD, Sega Cd and Neo Geo CD games.  On the base unit you place the modules.  There are ones for NES, SNES, Genesis and TurboGrafx-16.  You can use the controller that comes with it.  Or you can plug in your classic controllers that go along with ever module you using.

There is know news on a price point for the base your modules yet or when it will be out.  It does look and sound pretty cool.  Don’t think it for everyone. But if you are into colleting retro games or have some games you would like to play again.  It could be a great option.


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RetroBloxCollecting and playing old “retro” video games is getting more one more popular all the time.  Just read about a new device that if you are into playing old games but don’t want to have them all hocked up.  There are a few different options out here.  This one is called RetroBlox.  What makes this one standout is it’s modular.  Basically what it is, a base unit.  Then you attack different modules to it.  For example you want to play NES, Genesis and the like games.  You attack that module to the base unit.  It will all so play some CD based gams as well, PSX and Sega CD.

It sounds pretty cool.  It is not out yet.  They are doing a Kickstarter first.  What will be in April (2017).  They put an FAQ on their website > here if you are interested

Cataloguing Video Games

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RF_GenerationA few years back I tried to catalogue my video games.  Didn’t do a very good job of it so gave up.  A week or so ago was watching of Metal Jesus Rocks videos about this subject.  Which you can see > here.  In that video he talks about a few different website sites, programs and apps you can use to do this.   After watching that video thought I would give this a try again.  Took a look at the ones he talked about.  As well, did a Google search.  There are lots of options out there.  Have decided to give a try.  From what I have read it has one of the biggest databases on game as well as box art for just about every game ever.   The site looks pretty simple to use as well.  Will make another post about how it is going when I give it a try.

Metal Jesus Rocks

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Metal_Jesus_RocksHave been spending more time on YouTube as of late.  Not just to look at silly videos.  Have discovered there are all kind of great channels.  Were people are all ways posting new stuff.  One of just really like is Metal Jesus Rocks.  He is this rock-n-roll looking guy that talks about old video games.  He has been posting stuff for years.  Have watched a bunch of this new videos. All were great.  He and his friends cover all kinds of topics related to old games.  Some of were are very informative.  If you are into video games and or collecting ones check out his channel > here.

Price Of Video Games

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Fallout_4.jpgWant to talk about the price of videos games on how they are way too much now.  I know every time a new generation of game consoles comes out they price goes a bit.  Because they are new and the last gen games are still being made.  Then after a while the price will go down.  So far that has not happened.  Remember buying lots of game for my PS3 an they cost $60.  Then when the when I buy my PlayStation 4 they still cost about $60.  Then the price when up.  I was kind of fine with at.  Next the games went up to $70 plus tax.  Back in February (2015) bought the PS4 version GTA V with was $70.  With tax it came to 80.49.  A few days ago picked up Fallout 4.  That game any pretty much all the new games cost $80.  So with tax it cost me just about $92.00.  Which is insane.  I know some people will wait for a price drop.  However I feel like why should someone who wants a new game that just came out wait six months to a year to buy the game they are looking forward to playing.  I know for one think I will be buy less games if this price point keeps up.