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Top Gear Series Twenty Pictures

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topgear-logo.jpgWe are so close to series twenty of Top Gear starting, I so can not wait.  It will be back on TV June 30, 2013.  Have said it many times over many post, that this is one of my all time favourite shows.  Still not sure how many episodes there will be but my guess here will be at lest six.  Would like to see more but that seems to be the trend for the series that airs in the summer to have six episodes.  From the pictures > here or below you will see that it will be another awesome series.  Sure they will be up to there famous hijinks.  Which makes the show a blast to watch.





Top Gear Series Twenty

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topgear-logo.jpgHave good news to share.  We are very close to series twenty of Top Gear starting.  From what I have been reading the show will start again on June 30th.  As I am typing this (June 16, 2013), that means there are two weeks to go.  They are saying it might just be six episodes.  Not a 100% on that.  Would like to see more but sure we will find out soon enough.  One think I know for sure is they are going to have a new reasonably priced car for the guest/s to race.  Love this so can’t wait to see some new episodes.  Hoping there would have been a trailer out for this new series by now.  May be they will have one this up coming week.

Top Gear Series Twenty

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topgear-logo.jpgSeries Nineteen of Top Gear ended last night (March 10, 2013).  It was the second half of their Africa Special.  I have not seen it yet (as I am typing this post),  but plan to “acquire” it at some point.  But I am not to talk about that.  There is some good news was over at Top Gear’s Wikipedia page it says, “Jeremy Clarkson has confirmed Top Gear will be back in the Summer of ’13 for Series 20”.    They got it from his Twitter post.  This is very good news.  We get to have two series of Top Gear in one year.   If you go by past series number twenty “should” start some time in June.  When I find out more news it is a pretty much guarantee I will be back with another post.

Top Gear Series Nineteen

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topgear-logo.jpgIn case you forgot (if you did, shame on you) Top Gear series nineteen starts tonight, January 27, 2013.  Have been looking forward to some new Top Gear for a very long time.  This show is tied with The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones as my all time favourite shows on TV.  Over on their Top Gear show blog > here they have video of James, Richard and Jeremy talking about what we will see in series 19.  Of course they make fun of James who turned 50 a few weeks back.  These guys all ways crack me up.  The second show in the series (airing February 3) will be one of their famous road trips in super cars.  This time in America.

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Top Gear Series Nineteen Trailer

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topgear-logo.jpgBack again talking about Top Gear series nineteen.  As you might know or not but it starts January 27, 2013.  Now there is a trailer out.  It is short about 40 seconds but pretty funny.  They managed to cram lots of awesome into 40 seconds.  You can check it out > here or below.  In other new over at Wikipedia page they have info on what the first show is about.

“Jeremy attempts to build a car that’s even smaller than the Peel P50. • James road tests the new 205mph Bentley Continental GT Speed by taking it out on a British Rally stage. • Richard is out on the test track in the new Pagani Huayra

Sounds like it will be a good show.  Well they are all ways good. It has been far too long of a wait for some new Top Gear.  Just have to wait about one more week.

Top Gear Series Nineteen News

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topgear-logo.jpgHave all ready talked about Top Gear series nineteen all ready this week.  But I am going to do it again.  In my last post stated that series nineteen would start February 3, 2013.  I got that from the Wikipedia site.  There is good news, I was wrong.  It starts sooner than that.  Over at the Top Gear website they have said it will start January 27, 2013.  This is awesome news.  They all so posted twelve preview pictures.  You can see them > here.   Below are a few of the ones I liked the most.



Top Gear Series Nineteen

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topgear-logo.jpgHave some good and bad news about Top Gear series nineteen.  The good news first.  We are getting close to a new series of Top Gear.  The bad, now we have to wait to February 3, 2013.  It it is all most January now so not too far way.  According Wikipedia page.  Series nineteen will have nine episodes staring February 3 and ending March 31, 2013.  In other news the “Christmas special” will air in March.  On Wikipedia they have a note saying James May was on the show called The One Show.  He mentioned that it will air in March.  Found the clip > here or below.

Top Gear

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Wasn’t feeling so good today.  Didn’t feel like doing too much so decided to watch some Top Gear.  Bought the series 18 DVD back in June and never got around to watching all the episodes.  Not sure why since I love this show.  So laid in bed and watched disc two.  These guys crack me up every time.  Even with multiple viewings.  Looking forward to series 19 which will start in January 2013.  There will be a Christmas special as well.  Which is not really that far way when you think about it.

Top Gear Series Nineteen

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It is all most June.  So thinking it will be soon time for some new Top Gear to start with series nineteen.  Went looking to see when it would start.  Only to find disappointment.  On the Wikipedia page it spells it out “2012 will not have a second series, only a Christmas Special, after which series 19 will premiere in January 2013.”  This makes me sad.  Was looking forward to seeing some Top Gear.  Now have to wait over half a year to get more.  May be they will put out some special DVD’s.   I think there is no new shows because of the Olympics.  They are taking place this summer in London.  So my guess all the BBC staff will be busy with that.