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Extreme Frontiers: USA

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ExtremeFrontiersUSAHe is back.  Charley Boorman is back with another series of Extreme Frontiers.  First there was Extreme Frontiers: Canada.  Next there was Extreme Frontiers: South Africa.  Now there is Extreme Frontiers: USA.  This past summer they spent filming this.  It is set to air in the UK on November 21 on Channel 5.   As you may know I am a fan of his work.  Own all his books.  But still waiting for the South African one to be released here in Canada.  Very much looking forward to see what he will be up to.  Just wish some channel here would pick up his shows.  I will “find” a way to watch this newest one because they are all ways very entertaining.

Extreme Frontiers: Racing Across Canada Book Review

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ExtremeFrontiersBook.jpgLast night finished reading  Extreme Frontiers: Racing Across Canada from Newfoundland to the Rockies the latest book from Charley Boorman.  Well until his Extreme Frontiers: South Africa book comes out.  All ways enjoy reading about his adventures.  This one is no different.  Other than the content seemed a bit thin compared to his other works.   Did see the TV show the book is based on so  I was hoping the book would bring more detail or things that weren’t on the show.   Was disappointed with that part.  Can only think of two things what were not in the show.   Other than that this is a very good read.  This it will work as a good tourism ad for any one wanting to now more about Canada.

This is another hit for Charley Boorman.  Might be a bit bias since I am a fan of everything he does.  How ever this is a  fun easy read about experiencing the “extreme” adventures you can have in Canada.  If you want to check out the show  you can see them on YouTube > here.  There are four episodes to watch.

5 out of 5 GT GT = Good Times)

Extreme Frontiers: Canada

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ExtremeFrontiers.jpgGood news, the Charley Boorman adventure, Extreme Frontiers: Canada is finally going to air here in Canada.  This is the trip he took back in the summer of 2011.  Over on their Facebook page they have a post saying it will air March 12th, 2013 on the Discovery channel.  Not sure if they are going to air all four episodes at once or play one a week.  Either way this is good news.  Now may be they will put out a DVD here.  Then may be they will air or put out his other DVD’s here as well.  Would like to get them if they do.  Have the first three adventure DVD’s he was on and all his books.   Speaking of books the one based of this show is the one I am reading now. Extreme Frontiers: Racing Across Canada from Newfoundland to the Rockies.

Extreme Frontiers: Racing Across Canada Book

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ExtremeFrontiersBook.jpgNow that I have finished reading the first book in A Song of Ice and Fire: A Game of Thrones.  It is time to start a new one.  Before I move on to the next in the Ice and Fire series.  Going to read Charley Boorman’s booked called Extreme Frontiers: Racing Across Canada from Newfoundland to the Rockies.  As you can guess from the title this is the adventure Charley took across Canada back in 2011.  If you have read this blog in the past you know I am a big fan of Charley and his adventures.  So I had to get this book.  Bought this book back in November.  This is his sixth book and I have them all.  All so have three of his adventures DVD boxsets as well.  All the others have not be released for the North American market.  If they do will get them.

Have been looking to read this book as soon as I heard he was going out on another trip.  Enjoyed all this others.  So this shouldn’t be any different.  His newest adventure Extreme Frontiers: South Africa started airing in the UK this past week.  Will be watching out for this book as well.

Extreme Frontiers: South Africa

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ExtremeFrontiersSouthAfrica.jpgBack in June 2012 Charley Boorman set off on his newest TV/book adventure,  Extreme Frontiers: South Africa.  Starting January 9, 2013 the show will air on Channel 5.  Sadly for those outside the United Kingdom we will not get to see it.  From what I am reading on the website.  Their will be four episodes.  The site says,

“We are happy to announce the dates for the show which will be airing on Wedesdays at 8pm on January 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th.

Tune in to Channel 5 to see Charley back on his bike exploring the beautiful South Africa.

This four episode series will involve Charley and the team taking part in such adventures as; shark diving, abseiling down Table Mountain, and parajetting, amongst many others…”

If you are new here.  I am a big fan of Charley Boorman’s shows and books.  Have all his books.  Will have to get this one when it comes out here in Canada.  May be we will luck out and someone will upload this show to YouTube.

Extreme Frontiers: South Africa

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ExtremeFrontiersSouthAfrica Well Charley Boorman is going on another adventure.  Last year it was Canada (Still have to buy the book and hope the DVD comes out here.)   This year it is going to be Extreme Frontiers: South Africa.  The journey starts off June 6, 2012.  So watch the website or the Facebook page for updates.  If you have been following this blog you will know that I am a big Charley Boorman fan.  So it is cool that he is off on another trip.

Some one on YouTube has posted the first three episodes of Extreme Frontiers: Canada as well as the two By Any Means series.  Check that out > here you will not be disappointed.

Extreme Frontiers: Racing Across Canada

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ExtremeFrontiersBook There is still know word if or when Extreme Frontiers: Canada is going to air on Canadian TV or be out on DVD.  Do have some good news though the book by Charley Boorman called Extreme Frontiers: Racing Across Canada from Newfoundland to the Rockies  will be available May 1, 2012.  I know will be buying it.  Have all five of his other books.  Just wish they would put out the DVD’s to go all long with them.  They did for three of the adventures but not the last few.  Well they have in other place just not the North American market.  Looking forward to reading this book.  Really enjoyed all his others.

Extreme Frontiers: Book

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ExtremeFrontiersBook Was checking out my Facebook news feed and there was a post saying Extreme Frontiers: Canada DVD is available to buy off of Amazon.  Well if you live in the UK.  Want to see this show.  Not sure if or when it will air here in Canada.  May be the DVD will come out at some point here, I hope.  There is some good news the book is available pre-order on > here.  Will be buying this book for sure.  Have all his other books.  Just not sure if I want to pre-order.  The book will be out May 1, 2012.

Extreme Frontiers: Canada Air Date

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Have some good news to share about Extreme Frontiers: Canada or going by this name all so, Charley Boorman’s Extreme Frontiers.  It is going to start airing November 28, 2011 on Channel 5.  Which is in the UK.  Still not sure if or when It will air in Canada.  Really want to see this show.  Did look on to see if there was any info.  There is on the book that is going along with the TV show.  The book will be out January 5, 2012.  Will be getting that for sure.  As for the show found a new article > here saying there will be four one hour episodes starting November 28, 2011.  Well in the UK the book and DVD called Charley Boorman’s Extreme Frontiers will be out the first week of January 2012.  Well keep check and give any updates to when it will air or be available to buy here in Canada.

Charley Boorman TV Interview

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Over are the Extreme Frontiers: Canada Facebook page they posted a link to an interview Charley Boorman did Shaw’s Studio 4 interview show.  The interview was pretty good even though the lady doing the interviewing was not very good.  It seemed like she Googled random things about Charley Boorman then asked still questions.  It is long interview which is nice to see.  It is broken up into two parts, which are below.

Part 1:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Part 2:

Vodpod videos no longer available.