GPD XD GamePad

GPD_XD_GamePadDiscovered a very cool device the other day.  If you are into playing old video via emulation.  But all ways wanted to take it on on the go.  Well you are in luck.  This device is called GPD X D GamePad.  It kind of looks like a Nintendo 3DS.  What it is, is a Android base table put into a clam shell game case.  The main focus is to emulated games.  Running Android so you could all so do other stuff as well.  Have to say it is pretty cool look thing.  The only downside is the price.  From what I have looked up it can from from $260.00 to $300.00 Canadian money.   Which is around the price of a tablet goes for.  Will not be be buying on any time soon.  But if I came into some extra money would think about buying one.


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