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PlayStation 3 Cleaning Update

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Torx_Bit_SetTried to clean my PlayStation 3.  In my last post talking about this.  I bought a cheap tool set that had the right size Torx ( screw driver).  Well it was the right size but didn’t work because it didn’t have the small hole in the middle.  So it couldn’t be used on security screws.  Ordered a bit set off that has this security hole in the bit > here.  My next day off plan to give it another go.

PlayStation 3 Cleaning

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Have not had my PlayStation 3 on in over a year.  When I did have it on last year.  The fan was super loud right way.  So thinking there is a lot of dust inside it.  I have the original 60GB model.  This one can play PSOne and PS2 games.  Want to play some of my PS2 games again.  So thinking I will take it apart and clean it out.  Have watched some video on YouTube on how it is done.  Doesn’t look too complicated.  The only thing is you need a Torx (screw driver) size 10.  So went out and bought a cheap screw driver set with a few of these in it.  Will be back with an update on how this went.

PS3 Fixed

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playstation3_thumb.jpgMy PS3 is now fixed.  I got it back from the “shop” July 31, 2009.  It didn’t take long at all to get fixed.  It took one week for it to be shipped out, fixed and sent back.  From the copy of the work order they sent me it says they changed the Blu-ray drive.  I have put about two hours of use on it since I got it back.  It seems to be working good.  One down side it the back up of the hard drive didn’t work that good.  I lost all my demos.  But oh well.  I am just glad to have it back.   That is until I get the bill.  It cost me $177.45.

PS3 Freezing Update Part 2

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playstation3_thumb.jpgWell I tried every thing to fix my PS3 and nothing worked.  So I called Sony today.  Once I got past the press 1 for this option stuff.  I didn’t have to wait long for a real person to get on the line.  The best part was she spoke English.  I told her what was wrong.  She asked be some question and I asked some and that was pretty much it.  They are going to send me a box though Purolator in three to five business days.  They all so send me and email, which she said I might have to wait up to 24 hours.  I only at to wait half hour.  The email gives you a form to fill out and send back with the PS3.  The lady said all together it will cost $177.45.  Which doesn’t seem to bad. A lot cheaper than buying a new one.  I only hope they fix and send me back the same one, instead of giving me a new.  Since I have the the 60GB version.