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Destiny 2 Hands On

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Played the open beta for Destiny 2 when it was out last summer (July 2017).  Back then like the smooth movement but it was very boring to play.  Felt very generic.  Well gave it another try now that is one of the free game for PlayStation Plus members (September 2018).  The open levels of the game are the same from the beta.  Forced myself thought that again.  Wanted to see what happens after that.  Once you get passed that the game becomes much better.  Only played about three story missions and one public event.  Must say this was very fun.  Think I will be keep playing it.  Well until Red Dead is out.  If you are a PS Plus member and have the hard drive space (80 GB’s or so) it’s well worth the download.

Destiny 2 Open Beta

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Destiny_2The early access beta for Destiny 2 has been on going since July 18, 2017.  Tried to get into that but not luck.  Filled out a from on for a chance to win.  Well it is know big deal.  Because the open beta for PS3 and Xbox One runs from July 21 to 23, 2017.  I do believe you can pre-download the file.  Which is about 13GB.  Plan to give the beta a try.  Remember the first games beta.  While I thought it was cool.  Just never sold me on the game.  Destiny 2 looks a lot better.

[Update] Gave it a try.  The beta let you play an opening mission.  Once that finish that you can play the co-op raid or the deathmatch modes.  Didn’t try those.  Just wanted to see how the main game felt.  Well it felt like your standard fps.  The movement was nice a smooth.  That’s the only good thing I can say about it.  It just was pretty standard and boring.  Am sure the full game will have lots to offer.  But it is not for me.