Cataloguing Video Games

Price_ChartingA few years back made a post talking about cataloguing my video games.  Never got around too it.  Until the other day when I came across a site that does it really well.  There are many out there as well as many apps.  This one is called Price  On the site you type in game title and it will show your a ball park price of that game.  Well they all so Collection Tracker.  You can type in the name or scan the barcode.  They you can add it to your collection.  It breaks the games down into each system they are for.  Once you have them entered you can add more detail like pictures and details like have the case and manual.  So far have just did my PS One games.  It works great and easy to use.  Going to add the rest of my collection.  Oh, and it gives you a estimated price of your collection.

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