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Bob’s Burgers Season 12 And 13

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There is some awesome news to share about Bob’s Burgers.  Season eleven started this past Sunday (September 27, 2020).  A few days before that they made a post on their Facebook page saying the show has been renewed for 12th and 13the broadcast seasons.  This is awesome news.  So this season plus two more to look forward to.  Then there is the movie they announced many years ago saying it would be out in 2020.   My guess that is now going to happen any time soon.

Bob’s Burgers Season Eleven

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It is now September so that means some TV show should be coming back with a new season.  One I look forward to every year is Bob’s Burgers.  Have been a fan since day one.  Their season eleven starts September 27, 2020.  Not sure how many episodes are planned but if we go my the last two seasons there should be 22.  Can’t wait to see what crazy stuff they get up to this season.

Bob’s Burgers Season Ten

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Now that it is all most official fall a lot of TV shows are coming back with new seasons.  One of my all time favourites, Bob’s Burgers, is back with season ten.  Loved this show from day one.  It gets better every season.  Looking forward to what crazy and silly stuff they get up .  The show starts up again September 29, 2019.  Not sure how many episodes this one will have.  If I go by the past few it will be 21 or 22.  If you haven’t seen this show.  I recommend it highly.  If you are in Canada and have Netflix you are in luck think eight seasons are on there.

Bob’s Burgers Season Nine

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Don’t forget Bob’s Burgers fans.  Season nine starts this Sunday (September 30, 2018).  Have been a fan of this show since day one.  It makes me laugh every episode.  Not sure how many episodes this season will have.  But if you go by past season there should be around twenty or so.  Pretty sure there will be long gaps between episodes like in past years as well.  This can be a pain.  Trying to keep track when a new ones will air.  That being said I will be watching them all.

Bob’s Burgers Season Nine

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I have great new to share if you are a Bob’s Burgers fans like myself.  Back on May 12, 2018 Fox renewed the show for a ninth season.  This show is one of my must watch every time it is on.  Sometimes it’s hare to keep track because most of the season can go weeks or months without a new episode.  As for season eight there are four episodes left.  So they are airing two back to back.  Two this past Sunday (May 13th) and the last two next week.  If you have never seen the show, do so.  It is on Netflix now.

Bob’s Burgers Movie

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A few days back read that Bob’s Burgers will be getting a movie.  Am a huge fan of this show.  So seen it on the big screen like they did with The Simpsons movie.  Which is hard to believe that was out ten years ago.  The only downside is well have a long wait.  It is not set to be out until 2020.  From the article > here the movie is set,“ to take our characters on an epic adventure.”  Will get keeping on eye on this.  If I read anything new about this.  Most definitely will be blogging about it.

Bob’s Burgers Season Eight

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We are into last September now.  So lot of the new and upcoming TV shows have or will be starting soon.  One I of my all time favourites, Bob’s Burgers.  Will be back with season eight on October 1, 2017.  This show is the best animated show on TV.  Very episodes has some that makes me laugh.  The only downsized to the show is that FOX is very consistent with the air dates.  Some times they will have weekly episodes then not show any from weeks.  Then double up on others weeks.  So have to keep a close eye on when each one is going to air.

Bob’s Burgers Season Seven

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BobsBurgers.jpgIt is late September now.  So a lot of the new and returning TV shows are coming on.  One of my all time favourites starts tonight (September 25, 2016), Bob’s Burgers.   Have loved this show since it started back in 2011.  My big hope for season seven is that they air the episodes more than once or twice a month.  Last season there wasn’t any consistency with airing on episodes until April.   The best thing about this show is.  It never fails to make be laugh.

Bob’s Burgers Season Six

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BobsBurgers.jpgAll the Sunday animated shows will be starting soon, September 27, 2015.  Looking forward the most to Bob’s Burgers.  It is the best one of the bunch.  Been a fan since the very first episode.  Now we are heading in to season six.  The show gets better and better every season.  Not sure what craziest they will get up to this season.   Might be hard to top lasts seasons.   The Simpsons and Family guy all so start that night as well.

Sleater-Kinney – A New Wave

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Sleater_Kinney_No_Cities_to_LoveThere is great song that I need to share.  It is A New Wave by Sleater-Kinney off their newest album No Cities to Love.  This caught my eye because the kids from Bob’s Burgers are in the video.  The people behind the show animated the band in the same style as from the show.  Really like this song.  So had to find out more about the band.  Have never heard of them.  Turns out the were a very big indie rock band that started out in the late 90’s.  Will have to check their other music.  In the mean time check out out the new video > here or below.