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Toshiba BDX2250

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ToshibaBDX2250 My parents were looking at a Blu-ray player to go along with the new TV they got a few weeks ago.  Was at Wal-mart with my father looking at them.  He has know clue about any of this kind of stuff.  So I asked him the price range.  So that narrowed it down to two choices.  A LG and the Toshiba 2250.   After looking at both to see what they offered.  Decided on the Toshiba because it has WiFi built in all so Netflix and YouTube.  It was very easy to set up.  YouTube worked right way.  Tried one of my Blu-ray discs.  It looked great but the player seemed slow loading it.  Now to see if my parents can figure out how to use it on their own.  I am sure I will get a few calls.

A Christmas Story Blu-ray Again

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Here I go talking about A Christmas Story again.  This time watched it the commentary on.  Never really watched a whole movie all the way though with the commentary on.  But for this one I have too.  It has Peter Billingsley (Ralphie) and Bob Clark (director).  It is the same commentary from the 20th anniversary disc they put out back in 2003.

Have to say it was interesting to hear how they filmed the scenes.  All so Peter talks about what it was like behind the scenes.  Even though I watch this movie a million time before and just a few days ago it still fun to see.  Not very movies can do this.  Can’t guarantee I will be taking about this movie again.

A Christmas Story Blu-ray

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AChristmasStoryBluRay It is that time a year again to watch my all time favourite movie again, A Christmas Story.   Well this year I watched it on Blu-ray.  At first I wasn’t too sure how well it would look since it is an older movie transferred to Blu-ray.  Have to say it looks very nice.  The scenes filmed outside look the best, nice and clear.  The only thing I was a bit disappointed with is you don’t get to see some of the mistakes from the widescreen DVD version I have.  In that you can see Black Bart jumping on the trampoline to get on to the horse and when Ralphie opens this window Christmas morning you can see on of the crew members in the bottom left hand corner.  Going to watch it again with the commentary track.  Try to watch this movie at lest three times before Christmas.

Lord Of The Rings Extended Edition Review

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Finished watching the extended edition of the Lord of The Rings on Blu-ray today.  Now to check out the hours of extras.  Have not seen the extended versions of these films before it was great to see all the extra stuff.  While it did make them all most twice as long it was well worth it.  Each movie was broken up on to two Blu-rays.  It made it seem like each movie as two movies long.  They did this to keep the pictures quality at the best.

What can say enough good things.  Ever one needs to check out the extended versions on Blu-ray.  They look so awesome.  It is a must buy.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Lord Of The Rings Blu-ray

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Picked up the extended edition of the Lord of The Rings on Blu-ray today.  I have not seen the extended version of any of the three films so it will be nice to see them in High Def.  According to the back of the box there is over 26 hours of bonus content.  My guess most of that content might be commentaries.  The box set contains 15 discs.  There is lots of stuff to look at for sure.  Will be watching it all for months to come.  Wal-mart had a great deal.  Got it for $60.  Most place wanted much more than that.

Lord Of The Rings Trilogy On Blu-ray

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LOTRBD Last year Lord of The Rings trilogy came out on Blu-ray.  Was debating whether or not to pick it up.  I am glad I didn’t.  Because the Extended Edition Blu-ray will be out June 28, 2001.   Have not seen any of the extended version.  So I think I will be pick this up.  It all so comes with all kinds of great extras.  These movies looked great on DVD so Blu-ray should be pretty awesome.

Lord Of The Rings Trilogy On Blu-ray

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RingsBluRay The Lord of The Rings trilogy is coming out on Blu-ray tomorrow (April 6, 2010).  Not sure if I am going to pick it up.  I love these movies.  How ever these versions of the movie are the ones that were in theatres.  That is fine but there is a better extended versions that came out on DVD after the theatre DVD’s.  So my guess they will put out an extended Blu-ray out at some point.  So I am still debating picking it up.

Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths Review

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Picked up a Blu-ray copy of Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths today. (Feb 23, 2010).  Was looking to buy a DVD but all they had was the Blu-ray.  It is the special edition.  It has a bunch of extra stuff on it.  Which is nice to see.

The movie was really good. They again I am a fan of DC Universe animated movie and they make this movies for the fans.  How ever if you grew up with the old cartoon Batman show you can get it to this movie.  The story and action were really good.  James Woods did the best job of playing Owlman.  They keep out doing themselves with the animation.  Nice and clear.  It helped that it was the Blu-ray.  Like the past movie it is a bit darker.  People get hurt and some die.  So it is not for the kids.

Really liked this movie.  If you watched and of the DC Universe movies you will like this one too.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

District 9 Blu-ray

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District9Blu-ray Just finished watching District 9 on Blu-ray.  Not going to review this movie because I all ready did that. (you can read that hear).  This is the third Blu-ray I bought at full prices.  I bought this one because it is one of my all time favourite movies.  All so the disc comes with all kinds of extras.  In the process of going though them.  There is one extra at this different.  It is the God of War III demo.  I have not tried it yet.  I have installed it.  Once I give it a go, I am sure I’ll have a post about it.

Back to the Blu-ray its self.  The picture quality is unreal.  Even the extras that I have watched so far are in Hi-def.  Which is nice.  If you have not seen this movie yet.  Do yourself a favor and check it out.

28 Weeks Later Blu-ray

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28WeeksLater Picked up a copy of 28 Weeks Later on Blu-ray today (Dec 29, 2009).  Was in Wal-Mart again today because I forgot to buy a calendar yesterday.  Well I was in there yesterday with a plan to buy a calendar and a PS3 Headset.  Bought the headset walked out of the store.  Then remembered the calendar, “Well shit”.  Oh well I buy it tomorrow.  So I did.   While I was walking buy I saw all the dvd’s and Blu-rays they had on sale.   28 Weeks Later was only $10.  A good deal.