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Mafia 3

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Mafia_3There is an upcoming that has caught my attention, Mafia 3.   Remember playing a demo for the first or second game.  It was fine but didn’t inspire me to buy the game.  However this new third one looks amazing.   This one is set in 1968 in a fictional city called New Bordeaux.  The basic idea of the game has you taking out the mafia.  This is the type of game I like.  A big open world.  With lots to look at and do.   They have a whole bunch of videos on their YouTube channel > here.  You can check out the TV ad > here or below.  The game will be out October 7, 2016.  Which is not that far way.  Want to get but might not on launch day.  Will wait to see some hands on gameplay videos and reviews.


[Update]  The is a nice gameplay video out.  You can see that > here.   If you skip to around the 7:40 mark you can see a mission being played.