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GTA Online: Bikers Update #2

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GTA_Online_Bikers.jpgBack on October 4, 2016 there was a big update for Grand Theft Auto Online.  Which was the Biker update.  It add a lot of stuff.  Well a bit over a week later they added two two more bikes.  One is new version of the Daemon, called Western Daemon Custom.  The second one is called BF Raptor.  It liked of looks the a real world T-Rex.  One other thing they added was the ability to by a sixth property.  You can read about it > here.

[Update] Ended up buying the BF Raptor.  Have to say it is pretty sweet looking and run to drive.

GTA Online: Bikers Update

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GTA_Online_Bikers.jpgHave been playing a lot more Grand Theft Auto Online since the Bikers update was out.  This add 13 new vehicles and seven new weapons.  Well it there more add than just that which you can read about > here.  My goals were to own all the new weapons.  Which I have done.  The next is to own a clubhouse.  Which is all so done.  Wanted to see how the missions worked out of the clubhouse.  Played this with a few people and it was pretty cool.  Oh, one more big thing they add was melee while riding a motorcycle.  I own a PS4,  its pretty simple to do.  You hold the X button then press L1.  You kick if you don’t have a weapon selected.

GTA Online: Bikers

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GTA_Online_BikersToday is October 4, 2016.  So the newest Grand Theft Auto Online update is out.  This one is called Bikers.  This adds all kinds of new motorcycle related stuff.  As well as new missions.  Some of which a co-op.  Looking forward to trying these out.  You can see all the stuff > here.   There is very detailed list > here.

[Update]  There are 13 new vehicles to buy.  Tried most of them out.  All you have to do is start a race and pick motorcycles as the class.  It will let you try most of them out.  Really like the trike mostly because it has white walled tires.  All so there is a rat ride bike.  Its all beat up and rusted.   They have all so added seven new weapons.  Spend most of my afternoon raising money to get them all.  My new favourite is the pool cure.

When done collecting all the new weapons plan to buy a clubhouse to see what kind of missions that unlocks.  You don’t have to by a clubhouse you can all so join others if you wish.


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GTAOnline.jpgThere is a news on a new content for Grand Theft Auto Online.   This new stuff will be all about the Bikers.  You can read the Rockstar Games blog post > here.  Have to say what they are adding sounds pretty cool.  You will be able to start your own club. Which can have up to eight players.  There will be new clubhouses properties.  New gear and weapons.  The most important there will be new Motorcycles.  Not sure when this update will be out.   But my guess is pretty soon.

[Update] This new stuff will be out an October 4, 2016.  You can read that > here.