inFamous Demo

infamous The demo for inFamous came out today (May 22, 2009).  The game will be out on Tuesday (May 26, 2009).  It didn’t take to long for the demo to download. Which I was surprise.  Any who, only tried it out for a few minutes.  First off the game is very nice looking.  The controls are great.  Most of the time 3rd person games the controls take getting use to.  I had no trouble at all.  I was playing and things were going good.  Got to a spot were you have to fight the bad guys.  I kept dying.  I could not find the guy that was killing me.  It turns out some of them can teleport/disappear.  I was tired so I shut it off.  Going to have to give it another go.  The game looks very promising.  It have been getting good reviews on the gaming web sites.

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