StopSlowSign I have a strong dislike of tailgaters.  Not talking about tailgate parties but the people that dive to close to your car bumper.  I ride a motorcycle.  Yesterday while out for a ride came across some road constructing.  The flag person that had the stop sign up.  There was about five cars ahead of me.  So I stop, look back in my mirror and see another car roll up.  There is all kinds of room between us.  Shift my bike in to neutral and wait.  Look back in the mirror again.  The guy is slowly creeping closer and closer.  He is pretty much on my back tire at this point.  I thinking, buddy you can’t go any were.  Riding up on my back tire is not going make the guy turn the flag from stop to slow any faster.  Could go on and on about this subject since I get tailgated pretty much every time I go for a ride.  But I will stop ranting now.

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