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You Think You Know Me? – The Story Of Edge

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StoryOfEdge Had the changes to check out the new WWE DVD called You Think You Know Me? – The Story of Edge.  This DVD/Blu-ray as you can tell from the title is about Edge.  Only got to see the first of of the three discs which is the main focus.  Must say that it is a pretty good documentary of Edge’s wresting career.  They did a great job putting this together.  It felt like a real documentary.  They didn’t just use clips from matches.  They did interview Edge and a bunch of others.  Starting from when he got interested in wresting as a kid, to starting out and to his retirement and to end it with what he is up to now.  Think the other discs have the matches/moments that he as picked to be important to to his career.  Didn’t get to see those so can’t to a full review.  But based on the documentary itself, it’s a must watch it you are any kind of wresting fan.   Sure hope that the WWE does more of these type of DVD’s not just matches but interviews.