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Diablo III Beta

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DiabloIII Was going though all the gaming news updates to find out that the beta for Diablo III is open to all this weekend.  Starting some time today (Friday April 20 to Monday April 23, 2012) some time.  They are doing this as a stress test on their severs before the games comes out, May 15, 2012.  You have to have a account.  Log into that.  Then they say you need to Create a BattleTag.  After doing all that you next download the beta client.  Not sure if I am going to try this.  Would like to but I am pretty sure it will be take forever to download and try to log in an play.  If I do bite the bullet will let you know how it goes.

Michael Craig/Oliver Godfrey – Kinetic

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AudioNetwork Weeks ago I was watching GameSpot’s review of Ridge Racer Unbounded.  There is a song used during the review that I really liked.  It is one of those dubstep songs that are all the rage in videos now.  Looked around and could not find what it was called or who made it.  YouTube comments are all ways the best place to find out this info.  But here was none.   So today decided to check again and there it was the title and the makers.  Tunes out it is called Kinetic by Michael Craig and Oliver Godfrey.   While I can find out real info on these guys or a standalone video for the song.  You can click one of the links above to hear it or just click > here.


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TMNT Wasn’t feeling to good today.  Was lying in bed thinking may be I should watch a movie. Still had Ninja Turtles on the brain from seen the original show a few days back.  So decided I should watch TMNT.  If you don’t know this it the last turtles movie made, the animated one back from 2007.   Have not watched this since I got the DVD when it came out.  Forgot how good this movie is and good it looks.  The the fight scene in the rain was awesome.

There is a new TV show in the works.  All so a new a movie as well.  Which is being produced by Michael Bay.  So it might be good.  IMDB says December 2013 as a release date.

Johnny English Reborn Review

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JohnnyEnglishReborn Sat down and watched Johnny English Reborn.  Have been a big fan of Rowan Atkinson’s work very since I seen my first Mr. Bean clip.   Remember when the first Johnny English movie was about to come out.  Thinking how cool it will be Rowan Atkinson playing a goofy spy.  Was disappointed with that movie.  Have to say this one is way better.  While it uses all the standard spy/buddy cop movie clichés there are some good laughs in there.  I laughed out a bunch of times so that makes it much better than the first one.

If you are a fan of Rowan Atkinson you need to check this movie out.  He is all ways awesome.  While this movie isn’t best out there.  There are some good spots in it.  Don’t watch the trailer it doesn’t do the movie justice.  A very strong rent.

3 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)


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Looper Seen a trailer for the movie Looper.  Have to share it.  Never heard of it until today and it looks pretty awesome.   It stars Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  The basic plot is, a hitman for the mob in the future assassinates people from even further in the future.  They are sent back using time travel.  As any movie watcher can tell things will go wrong.  Of all the summer movies coming out I want to see this one and The Dark Knight Rises the most.  Looper will be out September 28, 2012.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

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Flipping though the TV channels last night.  Landed on Teletoon Retro and a show caught my eye.  If you can guess from the title of this post, it was the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.  The original cartoon show.  Have not seen this since I was a kid.  What was cool was it was the very first episode called Turtle Tracks.  I remember this being so awesome as a kid.  While it is still awesome the show it self was kind of bad.  When April O’Neil is doing the interview it seemed liked they pulled other clips from other shows and mashed them together.  Well what can you expect it came out back in December 1987.   Now I want to go back in watch the old live action movies again.  I still remember lining up to see the first movie with my brother and father only to hear it was sold out.  Then begging my father to came back later for the late show.  Remember saying this is the best movie ever.   Every one at school was talking about it for weeks.

Motorcycle Helmets

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IconHelmet Looking into buying a new motorcycle helmet.  Have heard and have looked into how long a helmet lasts.  The average is about five years.  Mine is about six.  It is showing its age.  A bunch of miner scraps and what not.  The big thing is the nose guard as cracked really bad.  So I went online to Royal Distributing to check out what was out there and price rage.  Looked at the Icon helmets first. Saw one I that was pretty sweet looking.  Until I seen the price, $350.  That is a lot of money.  While there are more makes out there that cost a lot more than that.  How ever did find a some very nice Icon helmets that were more in my price range.  Plan to got to the the local motorcycle dealers and see what they have.  Or just might just end up ordering one online.

You Think You Know Me? – The Story Of Edge

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StoryOfEdge Had the changes to check out the new WWE DVD called You Think You Know Me? – The Story of Edge.  This DVD/Blu-ray as you can tell from the title is about Edge.  Only got to see the first of of the three discs which is the main focus.  Must say that it is a pretty good documentary of Edge’s wresting career.  They did a great job putting this together.  It felt like a real documentary.  They didn’t just use clips from matches.  They did interview Edge and a bunch of others.  Starting from when he got interested in wresting as a kid, to starting out and to his retirement and to end it with what he is up to now.  Think the other discs have the matches/moments that he as picked to be important to to his career.  Didn’t get to see those so can’t to a full review.  But based on the documentary itself, it’s a must watch it you are any kind of wresting fan.   Sure hope that the WWE does more of these type of DVD’s not just matches but interviews.

New DiRT Showdown Trailer

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There is a new trailer out for DiRT Showdown.   This one is called Boost for the Win Gameplay trailer.  Looking forward to trying this game out.  While it is more of arcade style this time around.  That is because it is an off shoot for the game series.  There is a DiRT 4 in the works.  I think if this game handles like the others in the series it will be very fun.  All so think an online demo derby might be fun, may be.  Will found out because I plan on buying this game.  Hope there is a demo before it comes out.  Amazon says the game will be out May 31, 2012.

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Back Into Skyrim Again!

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It has been about a month since I have played Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim or any video game.  Did play DiRT 3 online once, only for a few minutes.  There is a new patch out, 1.5 for Skyrim.  It fixes a bunch of things.  But one of the cool new things add is kill cameras for projectile weapons and spells.  This made start playing again.  Have to say the kill camera on the arrows is pretty slick.  Love this game, now need to stick with it.  Think I have played about 42 hours and have not scratched the surface.  You can read all of what the patch fixes/adds > here.