Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol Review

MIGhostProtocol Well Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol started off strong.  It has some very cool gadgets and stunts that you get with a Mission Impossible movie.  Think this one was a lot better than the last.  Moved at a good pace.  Not getting caught up in a love story.  How ever falls into the same old, same old action movie clichés.  They must top the “bad Russian” from setting off a nuclear weapon.  Coming down to few seconds left to save the world.  It has been done so may times before.

This is not a bad movie.  Has a lot going for it.  Some very cool stunts and it doesn’t take it’s self too serious.  Which is nice.  What is wrong is the main plot.  It has been done some may times before.  While they try to put a new face on it and pretty it up.  It still has been done.  I did like the movie but only as a rent.  Can’t see myself watching this again.

4 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

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