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Motorcycle Helmets

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IconHelmet Looking into buying a new motorcycle helmet.  Have heard and have looked into how long a helmet lasts.  The average is about five years.  Mine is about six.  It is showing its age.  A bunch of miner scraps and what not.  The big thing is the nose guard as cracked really bad.  So I went online to Royal Distributing to check out what was out there and price rage.  Looked at the Icon helmets first. Saw one I that was pretty sweet looking.  Until I seen the price, $350.  That is a lot of money.  While there are more makes out there that cost a lot more than that.  How ever did find a some very nice Icon helmets that were more in my price range.  Plan to got to the the local motorcycle dealers and see what they have.  Or just might just end up ordering one online.