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Diablo III Beta Gameplay

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Here I go again, day three of taking about Diablo III beta.  When I  tried to log in, got an error.  Turns out they were doing something to the severs.  A note said keep trying to log in later.  So waited a bit till 7pm, then got in.  There are five characters to pick from (I think).  I picked the monk because it is a new character for these games.  As for the game its self it looks pretty awesome.  Gameplay is kind of like Diablo 2 but all new at the same time.  You still click to move and hit the bad guys.  How ever it has all kinds of new stuff.  Played for all most two hours [Update played for about 2 hours 47 minutes].  Still has the same addictiveness.  From what I seen so far it still as follow the path, go here, kill that, go here and move to a new spot.  Was hoping it would be a little more open world.  May be later on in the game, or may be not [Update the map does get bigger as you move along].  You can play up to level 13 in the beta.  Still this game is great.  It will be huge for sure.  Just not sure if I am going to buy it.  More of a console person.  The open beta ends some time Monday (April 23, 2012).

Diablo III Beta Again

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After writing the Diablo III open beta post yesterday.  Right after decided to sign up and download to see how long it would take.  I did have a account but it would let me sign in.  My guess is because I have not used it lets say 8 or 9 years.  So I just signed up for a new one.  Was surprised it didn’t take long to download.  It was a pretty big file, about 4.76 GB.  Took about three hours I guess.  Figured it would have taken a lot longer than that.  Didn’t try the game itself yet.  When it finished downloading last night it was time for bed.  Work early in the morning.  So when I am done this post will give it a go.  Then come back and post an update.

Diablo III Beta

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DiabloIII Was going though all the gaming news updates to find out that the beta for Diablo III is open to all this weekend.  Starting some time today (Friday April 20 to Monday April 23, 2012) some time.  They are doing this as a stress test on their severs before the games comes out, May 15, 2012.  You have to have a account.  Log into that.  Then they say you need to Create a BattleTag.  After doing all that you next download the beta client.  Not sure if I am going to try this.  Would like to but I am pretty sure it will be take forever to download and try to log in an play.  If I do bite the bullet will let you know how it goes.