8 Tracks

8TracksNot taking about the old music 8 tracks.  Talking about the website called 8tracks.com.  Can’t remember how I ended up on this site but have to share it just in case you never heard of it, like myself.  There are lots of internet radio stations out there.  While this is something like that but with its own twist.  It has a social networking things going as well.  The site has all kinds and  different music playlists you can stream for free.  If you sign up you make your own playlists.  In which there has to be at lest eight tracks.  You can all so all so pay with removes all the adds.  There are all so an app version for all the app stores for your phones.   Have not made account yet.  Have listened to a few playlists and have to say it is very cool.  Have heard some great songs.  Below is an example playlists.   It is one made by the staff at 8Tracks of the top songs of 2013.


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