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New PS Vita Model

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PS-Vita-2000-BundleFew post back talked about may be getting myself a Playstation Vita.  Was guessing there would be a new model out soon since other parts of the world have them.  Well turns out I was right.   Back on February 10, 2014 over at the Playstation blog > here, the confirmed the new slim version is coming to the US (so that means Canada was well).   The new model comes in a Borderlands 2 bundle.   That is pretty cool.  It is a fun game.  Just wonder if it will look and play the same as the PS3 version.  The bundle comes with the slim Vita, Borderlands 2 with the six DLC packs and a 8GB Vita memory card.  All so the battery lasts long as well.   All for $200.  That is the same price and they are now.  So I think it is a good deal.  It is set to come out some time in the spring.  Will have to keep an eye out for this.

Playstation Vita

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SonyNGP.jpgThinking about getting myself a PlayStation Vita.  They are pretty cheap now.  The going price is $200.  There is a new slim version out in some parts of the world.  At some point there will be a slim one out in North America.  So think that might drive the “fat” versions price down.  The reason I am thinking about getting one because it can work with the PS3 and more so with the PS4.  Don’t own a Playstation 4, but will at some point.  Another good thing is if you get Playstation Plus it will cover all three devices.   With Plus there are free or cheap games out every month to download.  On the other had.  I do own a PSP.  Got that the day it came out.  Thought it would be awesome.  It is kind of cool but gave up playing it.  The games were not that good.  All so it hurt my hands after playing for awhile.  The Vita is much better that way.  Just don’t know if I will use it enough to justify the price.