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Grand Theft Auto Online Double Weekend

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GTAOnlineDoubleWeekendToday (May 2, 2014) and the next Grand Theft Auto Online is have a double RP and GTA$.  They have done things like this before but there is a difference because ever Job will gave you both RP nad GTA$.  They are doing this because they are getting ready to High Life Update.  Like past update there will be new cars, weapons and jobs.  The big thing there will be high end property to buy.  So you will be able to own two apartments with garages.  Which is pretty cool.  They are all so saying Heists will be coming this spring as well.  Think that will be interesting to try.  You can read all about it > here.

Grand Theft Auto Online News

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GTAOnline.jpgThere is some new news out on GTA Oline.  There is a new update coming next month.  This one is much different than the others.  This one is adding a new musical score that can only heard in the online mode.  They are not given to may details yet.  But sure they will soon.  You can read about it > here.   You can check outa preview track > here or below.

Grand Theft Auto Online

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GTAOnlineBusinessUpdate.jpgOn the weekend of March 7th to 9th were was a event going on for GTA Oline to show off their new Business Update.  As part to the event was there were giving out extra RP (points you get that will unlock things) as so extra money when doing races.  So I decided to get back into the game to take advantage of this extra points and money.  Have played a lot of the online mode and really like it.  So it was easy to get back into.  Its one of the pick on and play. Then the hours seems to disappear.  Don’t like running around in the open world with every one because is mostly filled with jerks.  What I like to do is go into a closed room and choose to do the races from there.  Like most online games it can be super fun or super bad all depending on who you end up playing against.  By the end of the weekend made it to level  65 (forget what it was before I started up again).  This is by far the highest level I have made it in any game yet along an online game.  If you sign up for the Rockstar Games Social Club it keeps track of you stats.  When I check out my stats was shocked to see that I had played a little over 100 hours.  Was never board once during those hours.  So think that make is a very special game.  There is so many things you can do is why I don’t think it gets boring.  Can see myself going back to this from time to time.  Pretty sure they are not done updating and adding things.

GTA Online: The Business Update

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GTAOnlineBusinessUpdateNext week on March 4, 2014 there will be a new update for GTA Online and Grand Theft Auto V.  This new update, which is free, is called The Business Update.  In the update there will be three new sports cars to buy and a plane.  The cars are called Albany Alpha, Dinka Jester and Grotti Turismo R.  The plane is called Vestra.  There are two new weapons to buy as well, the Heavy Pistol and the Special Carbine.  There will all so be all kinds of business like attire.  You will have to buy these items in GTA Online.  But for GTA V story mode the weapons will just be add to your inventory.  The cars will show up in your garage.  You can read the Rockstar Games post > here.

Really digging these updates.  Think this is the third one.  Each one brings something different to the world.  Will be trying this stuff it comes out.  Just have to go back in to GTA Online to makes so more money first.  So I can buy the new weapons.

GTA Online Valentine’s Day Massacre Special

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GTAOnlineMassacreSpecialThere is some new content coming to Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online which will be out this Friday (February  14, 2014).  Which happens to be Valentine’s day.  So the new DLC/content is named right, The GTA online Valentine’s day Massacre Special.  You can read all about it > here.  If you don’t want to read that here is a quick break down.  There is a new weapon called Gusenberg Sweeper machine gun.  A new car.  Think 1920’s gangster car.  Which is called Albany Roosevelt.  New attire which is 1920’s style.  There will all so be 10 new jobs as well.  This content will only for a limited time.  But once you have it in your inventory you will get to keep them for good.  I guess I will have to load up GTA Online to check out this stuff.  Has been a few months since I have played this game.


This update is available now (Feb 13, 2014).  Have download this new update.  Just to check out the new stuff.  Bought myself a new blue pinstripe suite with matching hat.  All so bought the Gusenberg Sweeper.  Which looks just like a Tommy Gun.   On another note they are having a Valentine’s Weekend Massacre Social Club Online Event this weekend.  You can check info on that > here.

Grand Theft Auto V Free Beach Bum Update

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GTAVBoxArt.jpgThe first bit of DLC or extra of content for Grand Theft Auto V will be out next week.  On November 19th there will be a 1.06 update that will add all the new and free content.  There will be new jobs for online as well as a new race, bike race, parachuting, survival and team deathmatch.  There will all so four new vehicles.  The dune buggy – BF Bifta, off-road truck – Canis Kalahari, camper van – Bravado Paradise and the speed boat – Speeder.  There is more, two new weapons.  The SNS Pistol and the very cool Broken Bottle for melee.   The vehicles and weapons can be used in story mode as well as online.  The best part it will all be free.

Grand Theft Auto V DLC

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GTAVBoxArt.jpgHave some news to share about Grand Theft Auto V.  There is some DLC coming in November.  It is being called The Beach Bum Pack.  This will have new beach themed vehicles and weapons.  Which can be used online or in the story mode.  Not sure what these vehicles look like or what the weapons are. The pack will all so add new jobs and as well new items for your online character.  How ever this is the best part it will be free.

There is other news as well.  A few weeks back talked about the $500,000 in game money for GTA Online which is being called the GTA$ Stimulus Package.  Well that has been delayed again.   Now they are saying the first $250, 000 should be out next week.  But they will not give it out until they know the game is stable.  Am looking forward to this.  Want to buy a nice apartment and nice car hole (garage).