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Son Of Batman Review

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SonOfBatman.jpgWas a bit let down by Son of Batman.  This is the newest DC Universe Animated movie out.  Enjoy collecting these movies.  Like all the others the animation is top notch.  So is the acting.  The story how ever not so great.  It felt like there were trying to hard to make the story happen in-between the great action scenes.  They tired to put a few bits of comedy in,  but that fell flat as well.  In a lot of Batman stories Alfred can be counted on having some funny one lines.  In this movie not so much.

Over all it’s not a bad movie.  Just not the best one they have put out.  The story arc is the biggest problem.  There is no big surprises or interesting twists.  These movies are made for DC/Batman fans so this one will not bring new people into the fold.  Did enjoy watching this but just not the best DC Universe movie

4 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Son of Batman

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SonOfBatmanToday is May 6, 2014 so that means the newest DC Universe Animated movie is out,  Son of Batman.  This one is based off the 2006 story arc called Batman and Son.  On  a side note do have a copy of that graphic novel and reading that now.  Have bought myself a copy of this movie but have not watched it yet.  Plan to on my day off.  So that is when my review will be out.  I know I say this every time one of these come out but I just love this movies.  Mind you some are better than others.  This one looks pretty sweet.  Am about more than halfway though the graphic novel and that is really good.  So the movie should be just as good.

Graphic Novels

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tmnt_vol7_cityfallparttwo.jpgHave order two new graphic novels (February 13, 2014) .  Was just taking a look at again to see what new was there.  Seen one trade paper back I wanted was in stock, with only 8 copies left.  That one is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Volume 7: City Fall Part 2.   Was a bit surprised at that since one place I read said it wasn’t out until the 18th.  All so first said it wouldn’t be out until the 25th.  So I had to get this.  To get free shipping you have to spend over, it think $25.  That when I remember I wanted to check out Batman and Son trade paperback.  This is the new version.  They should be here some time next week.  Have got a nice little growing  collection.

[Update] Ordered them on the 13th and the were in my hands on the 18th.  That was very fast shipping.

Batman: Batman and Son

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BatmanAndSonA few post back talked about the next DC Universe Animated, which is called Son of Batman.  Which is based of 2006 story arc called Batman and Son.  So I had to check out more on this since it sounded really good.  Found out there is a new version of of the trade paperback coming out February 4, 2014.  This new version is all most 200 pages longer.  Adding this book to my wish list.  There are so many of these trade paperbacks/graphic novels I want to get.  This is another for my list.  But before I get any new ones must finish reading the Batman: Knightfall series.

Son Of Batman Trailer

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SonOfBatmanThen next DC Universe Animated, which is called Son of Batman  has a trailer out.  The movie before this, Justice League: War is not even out yet.  That is set to come out February 4, 2014.  Son of Batman does look very cool.  It has a storyline I has never heard of.  It is based of the 2006 story arc called Batman and Son.  You might guess from the title.  But Batman has a son.  Who was raised in secret by the League of Assassins.  The kid has a bit of some anger management problems.  You can check out the trailer > here or below.  Its set to come out some time in the spring.