Assassin’s Creed Cool Website

AssassinsCreedIVBlackFlag.jpgWas checking out so post on Facebook and there was a interesting post from Ubisoft Canada.  It is for this > here website.  This site has a bunch of different products, like t-shirts, phone skins, dog tags, wall art and a whole lot more.  What makes this standout from site like it is.  They have premade graphic of Assassin’s Creed that you apply to the item you want to buy.  There is another twist.  There are some video trailers form Black Flag and AC 3 in while you can take a screen shot from to add to the items as well.  It is very cool.  After check that out wanted to see more about this site.  Knew it much be part of a bigger site.  It is, it’s called Cap That.  The main site lets you upload your pictures or video to add to all kinds of different products.  There is one very cool looking item called acrylic block > here.  Of course some of the prices are high but if the products look as good as they do on the website it might just be worth it.

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