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Hiccups Season Two Review

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Season two of Hiccups ended last night (Aug 28, 2011).  This was another great season.  They did more with each character, they got to interact more with each other.  They seemed like they got to grow a bit as well.  What I really like about about this season besides being funny was it was not pre-empted or moved once like last season.  Moving it to Sunday nights was a good thing.  All 13 episodes were great, don’t have a favourite.

If you have read the blog in the past you now I am a big fan of this show so you can guess what I am going to score it.  Will be buying the DVD boxset when it comes out and wait for season three to start.  Not sure if there will be a season three but have a strong feeling there will be.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Hiccups Season Two Tonight

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Just a reminder that season two of Hiccups starts tonight, May 30, 2011.  It has been a long time since season one ended.  Was reading the other day at season two was to start airing in the winter but got put on the shelf.  While the buy out of CTV by Bell to place.  The first three episodes will air on Mondays then move to Sunday nights.

Hiccups Webisode

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The first webisode is out now for Hiccups.  Is called Choco Bell.  Must say it is very funny.  Just a reminder season two start May 30, 2011.  The first three episodes will air on Mondays, then move to Sunday nights.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Hiccups Season Two

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Has some good news to share.  My favourite show,  Hiccups will be back May 30, 2011 for season two.  Have been waiting a long time for this show to start up again.  Thought it was going to start airing may be in March or April.  Like last season this one will 13 episodes.   They are doing some webisodes you can see the trailer for that and other videos over at their YouTube channel.  Not sure when that they are going to be up.  My guess will be May 30 as well.  From the website it looks like there will be nine of those.

Hiccups Season One DVD

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Picked up season one of the TV show Hiccups today (Jan 21, 2011).  Forgot to buy it last week.  Was planning to pick it up when it came out on the 11th.  Oh well, no big deal.  Watched the first four episodes.  All 13 episodes are on two disc’s.  There are some special features on disc two.  Not sure how good they are.  It has cast & crew interviews, behind the scenes and show opening.  Not show how the show opening is a special feature.  Look forward to watching all the episodes again.  All so looking forward to season two.  Which I think will start airing some time in February.

Hiccups Season One DVD

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HiccupsDVD Taken a look around and found out that the season one DVD of Hiccups will be out January 11, 2011.  Will be picking it up for sure.  Not to sure when the second season is going to start.   The website says winter/spring.  My best guess is some time in February.  That is the same time window the first season aired.

Hiccups Season One Review

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The final episode of season one of Hiccups aired last night (June 28, 2010).  Wasn’t to sure if I was going to like this show at first, since I am a big Conner Gas fan.  When I watched the pilot episode I was thinking its an ok show but not to sure.  The show got better as the episodes went on and the characters got to do more.  I have to say episode six called Carry on Camping was my favourite.

I know season two is going to be ever better.  Now that they have all the characters worked out.  Just like Conner Gas this show will get better and better with every episode.  The first season was great.  Here is to season two being awesome.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Hiccups Is Back

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The TV show Hiccups is back on the air tonight (May 31, 2010).  There are four episodes let in this first season.  The show has been off the air for far to long.  I love this show and am happy it is back.  Those stupid shows like dancing with stars and what have been pre-empting it.  They did the same thing when Corner Gas was on.

[UpDate] Burned again. Its not a new episode. Booo.


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Hiccups No I do not have hiccups.  I am taking about the new TV show called Hiccups.  From the guys that made Corner Gas.  It starts tomorrow March 1, 2010.  This show and Dan for Mayor airs right after it.  I miss Corner Gas on Monday nights.  So my hope is these two shows will fill the void.  From what I have seen in so far it looks like they are going to be good.